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How to Repair the Damage of Cummins Diesel Generator Parts?

Apr. 20, 2023

During the operation of Cummins diesel generator, parts will be worn in friction, and the gap between parts will gradually become larger. When the wear reaches a certain degree, repair work should be carried out, otherwise the normal operation of Cummins diesel generator will be affected.

cummins diesel generator

Due to the different conditions of each repair shop, sometimes the methods of repairing parts are also different. Currently, there are several commonly used repair methods:

Mechanical processing repair method is to restore the fit clearance or geometric shape of worn or damaged parts through mechanical processing such as turning, boring, and grinding. It includes repair size method, sleeve insertion method, turning and flipping repair method.

1. Repair dimension method

This method is to machine the working surface of damaged or worn parts, eliminate the surface layer of the damaged or worn parts, and make the parts have new specified dimensions. This method is called repair size method. This method is mainly applicable to the expansion of holes and the reduction of shafts.

The parts that make up Cummins diesel generator all have certain standard dimensions. As the moving parts of Cummins diesel generator wear for a long time, the geometric shape of the parts and the original standard dimensions will change, so the normal fit clearance between the parts will be affected. When the clearance exceeds the specified limit value of parts, the stability of Cummins diesel generator will be affected. Only by repairing or replacing new parts can the normal mating relationship between worn or damaged parts be restored. Generally, the size of the more valuable parts is processed to another size, and another part is replaced, such as the crankshaft journal and crankshaft main bearing. When repairing the crankshaft journal and crankshaft main bearing, first polish the crankshaft journal according to the specified repair size, and then fit the bearing with the corresponding repair size during assembly.

The advantage of the repair size method is that it can extend the service life of more expensive parts and reduce repair costs. The disadvantage is that excessive repair size levels limit the interchangeability of spare parts.

2. Bushing repair method

The method of machining parts with significant wear or using up the last level of repair size to the size where the bushing can be installed, then pressing the bushing into place, and finally performing necessary processing on the bushing to restore its original size or machine it to a certain level of repair size is called the sleeve repair method. To use this method, the following conditions must be met:

(1) Parts with significant wear or the last level of repair size must have a certain level of strength.

(2) The material of the liner should have sufficient stiffness and wall thickness. Generally, the thickness of steel material is 2.0-2.5mm, and that of cast iron is 4-5mm. When pressing the liner into the seat hole of the part, it is generally necessary to preheat the seat hole to around 200 ℃, and then press the liner into the seat hole.

3. Turning and flipping repair method

Turning over or rotating parts with excessive wear or partial damage according to certain technical requirements, and then using parts that are not worn, is called the turning and flipping repair method. If the teeth of the flywheel ring gear of Cummins diesel generating are damaged or the use end is excessively worn, the ring gear can be removed from the flywheel, and then it can be pressed and inserted on the flywheel again after being turned over; If the keyway of an individual shaft is excessively worn, the shaft can be rotated to a certain angle and re grooved for use.

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