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How To Remove The Air In The Oil Circuit Of The Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 12, 2022

If it is difficult to start the diesel generator set, or it turns off by itself shortly after starting, it can be inferred that the oil circuit is mixed with air. The air in the oil circuit will bring a lot of obstacles to the operation, making it difficult for the generator set to start or it will turn off at every turn.


The root cause of the air mixing in the oil circuit is that at least one of the injector needle valve couplers of the diesel generator has a phenomenon of poor wear and sealing, so that the combustion gas flows back through the injector and enters the oil return system, resulting in a large amount of gas in the oil return system.


When this kind of phenomenon occurs, if the fuel return of the injector is directly returned to the fuel tank, the direct impact on the operation of the diesel generator set is relatively small, but if the fuel return of the injector is connected to the fuel filter, it will have a serious impact on the operation of the diesel generator. Therefore, after this phenomenon occurs, all injectors must first be tested and repaired or replaced.


In order to completely solve the above problems, the generator manufacturer recommends to remove the fuel injector return pipe connected to the fuel filter and connect it directly to the fuel tank.


diesel generator set

1. Conventional method.

Use a screwdriver or wrench to unscrew any of the air release screws on the upper ends of the fuel injection pump for several turns, and press the manual fuel pump continuously by hand until the diesel is discharged, and there is no air bubbles, and a "squeaking" sound is heard. Then tighten the bleed screw and press the hand pump back into place.


2. Unconventional methods (emergency).

(1) If there is no suitable screwdriver or wrench to open the air release screw on the fuel injection pump, you can first unscrew the manual fuel pump, then loosen any pipe joint from the diesel filter to the fuel injection pump, and then press repeatedly. Manual oil pump to the joint to discharge smooth and bubble-free oil flow, then tighten the joint while pressing the manual oil pump, and finally press the manual oil pump back to its original position.


(2) When there is no wrench for loosening the pipe joint, you can press the manual oil pump repeatedly until the oil pressure of the low-pressure oil circuit between the fuel pump and the fuel injection pump is high enough, and the fuel flows from the overflow valve to the fuel return line, the gas in the oil circuit will be discharged from the overflow.


(3) If you need to discharge the air in the oil circuit, you can first loosen the bleed screw on the fuel injection pump or loosen any joint between the diesel filter and the fuel injection pump, and then start the driving mechanical fuel pump. The fuel without bubbles will be sprayed out. At this time, the above leakage point that is loosened is tightened and the air is exhausted.


Starlight Power's warm reminder: If air is mixed into the oil circuit of the diesel generator set, the air will affect the operation of the diesel generator set. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance are necessary. The air in the oil circuit should be found in time and eliminated in time.


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