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How To Remove Carbon Deposit After Disassembly Of Diesel Generator Set

Feb. 08, 2023

After the diesel generator set has been running for a period of time, a layer of yellow-white scale is deposited on the inner wall of the cooler and pipeline after the cooling system of the mechanical equipment has used hard water or water with more impurities for a long time. In the process of maintenance, the problem of removing carbon deposits is often encountered. Let's follow the small editor of Jiangsu Starlight Power to see how to remove the scale and carbon deposit after the removal of diesel generator set equipment.


1、 Remove scale.

Its main components are carbonate, sulfate, and some also contain silica. Scale reduces the cross-sectional area of water pipes, reduces the thermal conductivity, and reduces the cooling effect, which seriously affects the normal operation of the cooling system, and needs to be removed regularly.


2、 Remove carbon deposits.

Carbon deposit is a complex mixture of colloid, asphaltene, oil coke, lubricating oil and carbon formed under the action of high temperature due to incomplete combustion of fuel and lubricating oil during combustion. These deposits affect the heat dissipation effect of some parts of the engine, worsen the heat transfer conditions, affect its combustibility, and even cause parts to overheat and form cracks. At present, mechanical removal, chemical method and electrolytic method are often used to remove carbon deposits.


diesel generator set

(1) Mechanical removal method: It uses wire brush and scraper to remove carbon deposits. In order to improve production efficiency, when using wire brush, the electric drill can drive it to rotate through the flexible shaft. This method is simple and often used by smaller maintenance units, but its efficiency is low, it is easy to damage the surface of parts, and it is not easy to remove carbon deposits. Carbon deposit can also be removed by spraying nuclear chips. Because nuclear chips are softer than metal, they will deform when impacting parts, so the surface of parts will not be scratched or scratched, and the production efficiency is also high. This method uses compressed air to blow dry and crushed peach, plum, apricot kernels and walnut hard shells to impact the surface of the parts with carbon deposits and destroy the carbon deposit layer to achieve the purpose of removal.


(2) Chemical method: chemical method can be used if the surface of some finished parts cannot be removed mechanically. Immerse the parts in sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate and other cleaning solutions at a temperature of 80~95 ℃ to dissolve or emulsify the grease and soften the carbon deposit. Take it out after about 2~3 hours, brush the carbon deposit with a brush, wash it with hot water added with 0.1%~0.3% potassium dichromate, and finally dry it with compressed air.


(3) Electrochemical method: take the alkali solution as the electrolyte, and connect the workpiece to the cathode to remove the carbon deposit under the joint action of chemical reaction and hydrogen stripping. This method has high efficiency, but it is necessary to master the specifications for removing carbon deposits. For example, the specifications for removing carbon deposits by valve electrochemical method are approximately: voltage 6V, current density 6A/d ㎡, electrolyte temperature 135135~145 ℃, and electrolysis time 5~10min.


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