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How to Reduce Generator Loss in Operation

Jan. 03, 2020

At present, generators have been widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense, technology and daily life, but in the process of long-term operation, you will find that the power is reduced and the loss is serious. If it is not handled in time, it will affect the normal and safe operation of the generator. Starlight will share the reasons of generator loss and effective ways to prolong the service life of the generator.

The losses of diesel generators in operation can be divided into the following categories:

(1) The stator copper loss is all the losses caused by the stator current flowing through the stator windings.

(2) Iron loss is the loss generated by the generator's magnetic flux in the core. It is mainly the hysteresis loss and eddy current loss caused by the main magnetic flux in the stator core, and also includes the additional loss.

(3) Excitation loss is the loss caused by the rotor circuit, which is mainly the copper loss caused by the excitation current in the excitation circuit.

(4) The electrical additional loss is more complicated, mainly including the loss caused by the end leakage magnetic flux in the iron components near it, the loss caused by various harmonic magnetic flux, the tooth harmonic and higher harmonic on the surface of rotor resulting in iron loss and so on.

(5) Mechanical loss mainly includes ventilation loss, bearing friction loss, etc. The problems of rapid aging and failure of diesel generator set components are mainly due to the quality of the air environment. Excessive impurities in air will not only cause the load work on the filtering and cooling system of diesel generator sets, but also the excessive impurity precipitation will cause diesel genset to work poorly;  too wet or dry air will accelerate the aging and wear of the diesel generator set components.

Please pay attention to the above reasons for the loss of diesel generating sets.

diesel generator set

Safety instruction indicates that many losses of diesel generator sets are caused by improper operation. Starlight  Power recommends that the power generator sets be properly operated and maintained. The service life of a diesel generator is not only related to its quality. Later maintenance is also an important means to extend the life of the generator.

6 ways to reduce the loss of diesel generator in operation and extend the service life of the generator

1. Running-in of diesel generator set.

Whether it is a new engine or an overhauled engine, it must be run in accordance with the rules before it can be put into normal operation. This is the basic rule for the use of diesel generator sets.

During the running-in period of the unit, try to avoid the engine running under no-load and low-load for a long time. Otherwise, it will not only increase the oil consumption rate and the leakage of oil / diesel from the exhaust pipe, but also cause the carbon deposits on the piston and piston ring groove,  fuel burning is not clean.

Therefore, when the engine is running at low load, the running time is not more than 10 minutes. As a standby generator set, it must run at least 4 hours at full load every year to clean up the carbon deposits in the engine and exhaust system, otherwise it will affect the life and quality of the moving parts of the diesel engine, resulting in serious consequences.

a. During the initial 100h working time, the service load should be controlled within 3/4 of the rated power range.

b. Avoid long idle runs.

c. Pay close attention to monitoring the changes of various operating parameters.

d. Check the oil level position and oil quality change condition frequently. The oil replacement period for initial operation should be shortened to prevent the metal particles generated by the running-in from mixing into the oil and causing serious wear. Generally, the oil should be changed once after 50 hours of initial operation.

e. When the ambient temperature is lower than 5°C, the cooling water should be preheated to make the water temperature rise above 20°C before starting.

2. The diesel generator set must be full of oil, water and air when working.

If the oil supply is lacking or stop, the engine will be poorly lubricated, and the body will be severely worn and even burned; if the cooling water is lacking, the unit temperature will be too high, the power will be reduced, the wear will be increased, and the service life will be shortened; if the air supply is not timely or stop, there will be difficult start-up, poor combustion, power reduction, the engine cannot work properly and so on.

3. Clean oil, water, air and engine body is required.

If the diesel oil is not pure, it will cause the fine cooperation body to wear, the cooperation gap will increase, and oil leakage and drip will be formed. The oil supply pressure will decrease, the gap will become larger, and even serious faults such as oil passage obstruction, axle, and burning tile will be formed; If the air contains a lot of dust, it will accelerate the wear of the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring; if the cooling water is not pure, it will cause the cooling system to be blocked by scales, preventing the engine from dissipating heat, the smooth condition will be worse, and the body will be seriously worn; if the body appearance is not clean,  it will corrode the appearance and shorten the service life.

4. Adjustment of associated technology of diesel generator sets

The valve clearance, valve timing, fuel supply advance angle, fuel injection pressure, and ignition timing should be checked and adjusted in time to ensure that the engine is in good condition to save fuel and extend the service life.

5. Check the fastening position of diesel generator set.

During the use of the diesel generator set, the bolts and nuts are simply loosened due to the impact of vibration and uneven load. Check the adjustment bolts in all parts to avoid accidents that damage the body due to looseness.

6. Proper use of diesel generator set

During use, smooth parts such as shafts and tiles should be smooth. After starting, wait until the water temperature is above 40°C before putting into operation. Long-term overload or low-speed operation is prohibited. Before stopping, unload the load to reduce the speed. The engine maintenance work should be done normally to keep the machine in good condition. Observe and check frequently, find faults, and eliminate them in time.

Hope the above 6 ways can help extend the service life of your generator. If you want to purchase new diesel generator, please consider Starlight Power generator. Since 1974, we have been committed to the research and development, production and sales of diesel generator sets. We are authorized as OEM generator set manufacturer of Shanghai, Yuchai, Volvo, Cummins, Perkins and other major brands of diesel engines. Contact us to get the price now!

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