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How to Prevent The Diesel Generator Set from Being Burned?

Jul. 22, 2023

The diesel generator set uses diesel oil as fuel. The high temperature and high pressure air formed after compression in the cylinder expands the spray diesel oil and converts heat energy into mechanical energy. There are often many unnecessary factors that will affect the use of diesel generator sets. We also need to consider and avoid these situations in use, such as how to prevent the diesel generator sets from being burned out in use. The following points need attention.

commercial diesel generators

1. Operating current

As the diesel generator set will be overloaded due to excessive load and low voltage, the transmission device, coupling, gear, etc. shall be checked frequently during the operation of the diesel generator set. In case of any clamping stagnation, the diesel generator set shall be shut down immediately and operated after troubleshooting.

2. Cleaning

Regularly clean the exterior of the diesel generator set, and do not allow dust and other sundries in the heat dissipation rib of the diesel generator set, so as to ensure good heat dissipation of the diesel generator set.

3. Three phase current

For three-phase asynchronous diesel generator set, the difference between any phase current and the average value of the other two phase current shall not exceed 10% to ensure the safe operation of the diesel generator set. If the difference is exceeded, the cause of the fault needs to be checked as soon as possible.

4. Computer room monitoring

The monitoring system of Diesel generator room consists of front-end equipment, user/server APP and PC large screen terminal. Users can log in to the user app/PC and view the running status and related parameters of the generator in real-time. They can also visually monitor the running status and related data of the generator on the large screen of the mobile phone. When an abnormality occurs, it can synchronously receive alarm information and respond quickly to troubleshoot.

5. Temperature

If the temperature rise around the bearing is too high, it is necessary to immediately stop the machine for inspection. It is necessary to check the surface cracks and defects of the rolling element and raceway of the bearing, the shaking of the bearing gap, and the rotation of the inner ring on the shaft.

6. Observation

Check the diesel generating set for oscillation, noise and odor. During operation, the high-power diesel generator set should always check whether the anchor bolts, diesel generator set end caps, bearing glands, etc. are loose, and whether the grounding device is secure, etc

Diesel fuel is ignited by compressed high-temperature air, also known as a compression ignition internal combustion engine. The diesel generator set is used to complete the operation cycle of the diesel engine in the four processes of intake, compression, expansion and exhaust.

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