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How To Make The Diesel Generator Set Better Survive This Cold Winter

Jan. 04, 2023

As soon as winter comes, it feels like a word: "cold". Many things will be affected by the cold winter, including the diesel generator set. So how to make the diesel generator set better survive this cold winter and do a good job of winter maintenance of the diesel generator set.


1. When the diesel generator set is overhauled in winter, the ventilation and air conditioning of facilities and equipment such as power distribution room and control room shall be normal, and maintenance and repair shall be carried out in advance.


2. Exposed equipment and pipeline circuits leading to the outdoor of the machine room shall be covered with insulation cotton, straw cotton, cotton rope and other insulation measures.


3. Check the sealing degree of the doors and windows of the machine room to ensure that there is no cold wind or snow blowing into the machine room in the windy and snowy weather, and ensure that the indoor temperature will not leak before the normal operation of the equipment.


4. The heater shall be put into operation to increase the temperature of the equipment, and the air start can only be carried out after the temperature of the motor cylinder and components is increased to the standard temperature.

diesel generator set


5. It is recommended to cover the outdoor diesel generator set with thermal insulation shed to achieve the effect of cold and frost protection. If conditions do not permit, open fire shall not be used to bake the equipment.


6. Change the fuel. Today's diesel oil on the market can be used at different temperatures according to different brands. So before winter comes, you should first understand how low the local winter temperature was in previous years, and then choose the diesel oil with the applicable temperature of 3 to 5 ℃ lower than the low temperature of Z. Generally, the low temperature of diesel oil Z for winter varies from minus 29 ℃ to minus 8 ℃, which can be selected as needed.


7. Use antifreeze, which can make the diesel generator set work effectively in winter. Generally, choose antifreeze whose freezing point is 10 ℃ lower than the local Z low temperature. Antifreeze liquid is generally colored and can be found in time when leakage occurs. Once found, it should be wiped dry and the leakage should be checked and repaired in time. The other is to replace the antifreeze regularly to prevent its failure.


8. Change the engine oil. The engine oil at normal temperature is different from the engine oil at cooler temperature. The engine oil at normal temperature will have increased viscosity and friction in cold winter, which will affect the engine rotation and increase the fuel consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to change the engine oil specially used in winter. However, it is not allowed to use winter engine oil under normal temperature, because the engine oil used in winter under normal temperature may fail and cause equipment failure.


9. Replace the filter element. The air in winter is thin, dry and cold, and the ground dust is scattered in the air by mechanical vibration. Therefore, the air filter element of the diesel generator set is very important and needs to be replaced more frequently. Otherwise, the dust in the air not only affects the purity and burning of the oil, but also may enter the cylinder wear equipment.


10. The preheating work is the same as that of a car. When the external air is cold, the diesel generator set needs to be started at a low speed for 3 to 5 minutes. After the temperature of the whole machine is raised, the diesel generator set should be checked. It can only be used normally if everything is normal. Otherwise, it is difficult for the compressed gas to reach the natural temperature of the diesel after the cold air enters the cylinder. At the same time, sudden acceleration operation shall be reduced during operation, otherwise the service life of valve components will be affected.


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