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How To Maintain The Function Of Diesel Filter And Fuel Water Separator

Jun. 23, 2022

The function of the diesel filter for diesel generator set is to filter out harmful impurities and moisture in the fuel system, protect the normal operation of the engine, reduce wear, avoid blockage, and improve the life of the engine.


Due to the existence of these high-precision components in the fuel system of the diesel engine, the cleanliness of the diesel is very high. Diesel fuel is not allowed to be mixed with particulate impurities, and the filter must be clean and not damaged or deformed. Once the impurities mixed in the diesel oil enter, the wear of the accessories will be accelerated in light. Therefore, before the diesel oil enters the high-pressure oil pump, it must pass through the diesel filter to filter out possible impurities and particulate matter in the diesel oil, so as not to damage these precise parts.


The fuel water separator is to remove the water in the diesel oil to reduce the failure of the fuel injector and prolong the service life of the engine. The principle is mainly based on the density difference between water and fuel oil, using the principle of gravity sedimentation to remove impurities and water separators, and there are also separation elements such as diffusion cones and filters inside. The oil-water separator also has other functions, such as pre-heating the fuel to prevent wax formation, filtering impurities and so on.


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Oil-water separator precautions:


① Check whether there is water accumulation every day and carry out maintenance. When maintaining, check the oil-water separator. If the water inside is too much or exceeds the warning line, the waterproofing should be timely, and the replacement cycle should refer to the maintenance manual.


② When replacing the filter element, apply a little oil on the sealing ring, and after it is in full contact with the filter seat, tighten it by 3/4-1 turn by hand.


③ Start the engine and check for oil leakage.


④ Don't forget to add oil after the water is discharged.


⑤ In cold weather, pay attention to the insulation of the oil-water separator.


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