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How to Maintain The Clearance of Cummins Diesel Generator Set?

Oct. 18, 2021

Do you find how to maintain the clearance of Cummins diesel generator set? The piston and piston pin of Cummins generator set adopt a clearance fit. When assembling, put the small end of the connecting rod between the two pin holes of the piston. Note that the forward arrow signs on the connecting rod are in the same direction, put the pin into the pin hole, tap it lightly with a soft metal hammer or wooden hammer, and then install the retaining ring. After installation, the piston and connecting rod should be able to swing freely without blocking. Afterwards, install the piston ring. When installing the piston ring, the side with the marking surface should face up. It is better to use special tooling.

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There are three piston rings on each piston. The first is a gas ring, which is mainly used to seal high-temperature and high-pressure gas. The ring is a trapezoid-shaped molybdenum-sprayed and ceramic-infiltrated flexible barrel surface ring, which has very good liner compliance and high temperature wear resistance and a good anti-adhesive snap ring effect. The second ring is the oil scraper ring, this ring is a tapered face ring, which is mainly used for gas sealing and oil scraping. The third channel is the oil ring component, which is a combined ring, which mainly plays the role of oil scraping. In order to ensure the sealing performance, the axial clearance and closed clearance of the piston ring must meet the specified values in table 1.

The method of measuring the closed gap is to lay the piston ring flat in the cylinder liner hole (the piston can be pushed flat), and use a thickness gauge to measure the gap at the closed end of the ring. When the piston connecting rod is assembled into the cylinder liner, the arrow on the top of the piston must point to the front end of the engine, and the openings of the three piston rings should be staggered to ensure the sealing performance. When assembling the connecting rod bolts, you should be able to screw the connecting rod bolts to the end by hand, and then tighten them with a torque wrench. The tightening torque of the connecting rod bolt is 160+/-10N.M, and it needs to be tightened evenly in three times. After tightening, the crankshaft should be ensured to rotate flexibly. The piston is an internally cooled oil passage piston, and the piston cooling spray hook sprays oil cooling to ensure effective cooling of the piston without overheating.

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