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How To Judge And Repair The Oil Pump Of Diesel Generator Set

Jun. 02, 2022

Diesel generator set oil pump is mainly composed of driving gear, driven gear, pump body, pump cover, driven shaft, driving shaft, thrust bearing, transmission gear, bushing and cylindrical pin and other parts. The driving gear is installed on the driving shaft through semi-circular keys, and the driving shaft is fixed on the pump body and the front cover of the oil pump, the driven gear is fixed on the driven shaft and installed in the pump body. The cooperation between the pump body and the pump cover is positioned by two positioning pins, and a gasket is installed between the two, and the gap of the end face of the gear can be adjusted by changing the thickness of the gasket. If the clearance is too large, the oil pressure will decrease. On the contrary, if the clearance is too small, the frictional resistance will increase when the oil pump rotates, which will accelerate the wear of the gears.


The use of the oil pump is to press the oil in the oil pan to the filter, so that the oil can still be reliably transported to each lubricating oil passage and the friction surface of each moving part after passing through the filter. When the engine is working, the oil pump works continuously to ensure the continuous circulation of the oil in the lubricating oil circuit. If it is damaged, there may be abnormal noise, and power attenuation. If it is not dealt with in time, the cylinder may even be pulled and cannot be started, and the engine will be completely scrapped.



The failure of the oil pump in operation is usually the reduction of oil pressure in the lubrication system, and even sometimes the oil cannot be applied.


Special attention should be paid to the maintenance. The reasons are generally as follows:

1. The rotation direction is opposite to the specified direction.

2. The oil suction pipeline is not tight, and the check valve is stuck.

3. The sealing of pipes, and the sealing between the pump body and the pump cover of the gear oil pump. If the suction end is poorly sealed, air will leak into the oil pump inlet, causing the oil pump to be evacuated.

4. The oil volume in the oil tank is insufficient, the oil pump parts are seriously worn, and different treatments should be carried out according to the actual work.


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