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How to Drain The Water Tank of Diesel Generator Sets in Winter?

Sep. 19, 2023

Do you know how to drain the water tank of diesel generator sets in winter? Winter is approaching, and the significant decrease in water tank drainage of diesel generator sets due to low winter temperatures has become a pressure requirement. In winter diesel generator sets, due to the low ambient temperature, the cooling water in the diesel generator set water tank should be discharged after 15 minutes of shutdown. Otherwise, the water temperature should be immediately measured. Otherwise, due to the large temperature difference between the engine body and the external environment, some components of the diesel generator set may deform, affecting the performance of the diesel generator set.

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When the cooling water stops flowing out, it is best to turn the diesel generator set a few more turns. At this point, the remaining and difficult cooling water will be cleaned through the vibration of the diesel engine. At the same time, it should be noted that if the emission switch is not removed, it should be opened after the discharge is completed to prevent unnecessary damage to the corresponding components of the diesel generator due to various reasons that temporarily cannot discharge the remaining cooling water. After the drain switch is turned on, everything is normal. We should also observe the specific conditions of the water to see if the water flow is smooth, and if there is a faster, slower, or smaller flow phenomenon.

If this situation occurs, the impurities in the cooling water described as obstructing water, when the drain switch preferably removes the normal outflow, allowing the cooling water to flow directly from the body. If the water flow is still not smooth, it is difficult to dredge objects such as slender steel wires until the water flows.

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