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How To Do A Good Job In Daily Maintenance Of Diesel Generator

May. 18, 2023

The diesel generator set is the "emergency standby power supply" after the power failure of the city power supply. In most cases, it is in the standby standby state. Once the power failure occurs, the key point for the unit to play its role is to "be able to operate and supply". Otherwise, it will lose its significance as a standby power supply. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in daily overhaul and maintenance of diesel generator.


1. When the generator is running, all screens should be locked and the keys should be kept by a dedicated person. Special attention should be paid not to leave the key in the lock hole.


2. When connecting or disconnecting circuits, insulated tools should be used to ensure circuit safety.


3. Pay attention to checking whether there are metal objects left on the battery and terminals of the engine starting motor. If there are any, clean them immediately.


the generator set

4. Once there is a major fault in the generator set, the emergency stop button on the control screen can be pressed for emergency shutdown. (This method is not recommended as frequent use can cause damage to the equipment)


5. Before the generator shuts down, pay attention to separating the load and allowing the unit to idle for a period of time until it is completely shut down. In addition, forcing the generator to shut down by installing shutdown valves on some units or by turning off the control panel key switch can easily cause damage to the units.


6. Monthly maintenance content of the generator:

(1) Clean the dust on the surface of the unit

(2) Check if the speed control lever is flexible and lubricate all connection points.

(3) Replace the cooling water, measure the pH value before and after the replacement (normal value is 7.5-9), and keep measurement records. If necessary, add medication for treatment.

(4) Check the tension of the fan belt and charger belt, and adjust them if necessary.


Cooperate with the emergency power generation test of electrical work, check whether the readings, temperature, and loudness of each instrument are normal during the operation of the diesel engine, and keep operation records.

If the generator set is used in important occasions, it should be tested for at least 10 minutes of no-load operation every week, and a half hour of load operation test should be conducted every six months.


Many of the faults that users encounter during the use of the unit are caused by maintenance negligence and a lack of professional personnel for maintenance and repair. Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. has a comprehensive after-sales service system, providing users with pure spare parts, technical consultation, installation guidance, free debugging, free maintenance, unit renovation, and free training services for a long time. Starlight Power firmly believes that attentiveness and continuous innovation in product technology are equally important. The leading edge of products must be matched with the leading edge of services. At present, Starlight Power has established 64 sales outlets and customer service centers nationwide, with a service network spread throughout the country. For more details, please contact us with sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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