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How to Disassemble the Turbocharger of Cummins Diesel Generator

Sep. 14, 2021

After a Cummins diesel generator is found to be faulty, if a component cannot be repaired directly, most of the component needs to be disassembled. During the disassembly process, many customers do not know the structure of the component, and the component is easily damaged and cannot be assembled. Today, the generator manufacturer will focus on how to disassemble the turbocharger of Cummins diesel generator.

Loosen the fasteners on the compressor casing, the volute and the middle casing respectively, and remove the two casings. If the inner bodies of the two shells are tightly matched with the middle shell, you can use a rubber or wooden mallet to tap lightly around the shells. When removing the shells, be careful not to tilt the shells in the axial direction to avoid pressure The top part of the machine and turbine blades or the corresponding inner surface of the fuzz shell.

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Clamp the hexagonal boss at the outlet of the turbine rotor shaft and the impeller on a vise, and make the dynamic balance mark of the mutual position of the self-locking nut, the turbine rotor shaft and the compressor wheel. Loosen the self-locking nut and unscrew it, and gently pull out the compressor impeller from the turbine rotor shaft. If you can’t pull it out, you can remove the middle shell with the rotor from the bench vise and turn it upside down. Submerge the compressor impeller part in a basin filled with boiling water. After a while, the impeller can be smoothly removed from the rotor shaft of the generator set.

After taking out the compressor impeller, hold the turbine impeller by hand, and remove the middle shell with the turbine rotor shaft from the bench vise and place it on the workbench. Gently press the end surface of the threaded center hole of the turbine rotor shaft at the compressor end by hand, and take out the turbine rotor shaft. Be very careful when taking out the rotor shaft, and never touch the thread on the rotor shaft against the surface of the inner hole of the floating bearing 16.

Use round-nose pliers to remove the elastic retaining ring for the hole at the compressor end of the middle shell, and use two screwdrivers to remove the compressor end air seal plate, and take out the oil baffle plate, compressor end thrust piece and spacer ring from the middle shell , And then press out the shaft seal from the air seal plate at the compressor end, then put two rings made of thin iron rings on the fingers, and take out the two seal rings on the shaft seal.

Use a flat-end screwdriver to flatten the lock piece on the thrust bearing. Now unscrew only the hexagonal bolt, and then take out the thrust bearing and the other thrust piece.

Use pointed pliers to remove the spring snap ring from the bearing hole of the compressor end, then remove the thrust ring and floating bearing from the bearing hole, and then use the pointed pliers to remove the spring of the other end of the floating bearing from the bearing hole while still in the direction of the compressor end Snap ring. But pay special attention not to scratch the surface of the bearing hole with the spring snap ring.

Use pointed pliers to take out the spring snap ring of the middle shell in the vortex end bearing hole, and then the Shangchai diesel generator pushes out the ring and floating bearing. Then use pointed pliers to take out the spring snap ring at the other end of the floating bearing in the direction of the turbine end. But pay special attention, do not scratch the bearing hole and the surface of the elastic sealing ring seat hole when removing the two spring snap rings.

There is a small trick when disassembling the turbocharger of Cummins diesel generator. You can mark the positions of the compressor casing, intermediate casing and volute before disassembling, so that they can be installed to the original position during assembly, and then later. Operate according to the above disassembly steps. If you are still not sure to complete the disassembly work, for the sake of safety, it is best to ask professional technicians to perform the operation.

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