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How To Deal With Voltage Instability In Synchronous Generators

Jul. 02, 2022

In the phase compound excitation synchronous generator, if the generator fault occurs, it mostly occurs in the excitation voltage regulation device and the electrical connection parts, especially the movable contacts such as the brush device and the commutator. In this regard, it can be judged that the voltage is insufficient or the voltage value is too high. It can be dealt with according to the corresponding situation.


Insufficient voltage failure causes are:


1. One of the rectifier components in the rectifier bridge is short-circuited or open-circuited.


2. Part of the excitation winding is short-circuited.


3. The resistance value of the setting resistor is too small.


4. The air gap of the phase compound excitation generator reactor is too small.


5. The speed is too low.


6. The automatic voltage regulator is faulty.


the generator

The corresponding processing methods are as follows:


1. At this time, the no-load voltage drops by about 10%. Check with a multimeter and replace the damaged components.


2. If the excitation winding part of a certain pole is short-circuited, it will cause vibration in addition to the voltage drop. Measure the resistance of each pole separately and replace the damaged coil.


3. Check the connection method of the setting resistor, and place the varistor at the position of the maximum resistance value.


4. Use insulating gasket to increase the air gap.


5. Adjust the speed to the rated value.


6. Check the input and output wiring and signals of the automatic voltage regulator, and repair the automatic voltage regulator.


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