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How To Deal With The Heating Phenomenon Of Synchronous Generator

Jul. 02, 2022

The energy conversion of the synchronous generator is used as the operating power of the generator, which is to input the mechanical energy into the synchronous motor through the prime mover, and run under the driving of the prime mover to become a generator, which converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. Its optimal performance requires its correct use, otherwise it is prone to failure, and generator overheating is one of them. The following is the cause of the generator overheating and its solution.


I. When the generator heats up, there are the following reasons.

1. The generator is overloaded.


2. The instrument is not allowed.


3. The load power factor is too low.


4. The speed is too low.


5. The top cover is not covered, it is not placed correctly, or the mesh plate under the bottom plate of the excitation device is blocked, causing the excitation device to heat up.


6. The generator armature, excitation winding and reactor winding are partially short-circuited.


7. The ventilation duct is blocked.


8. Some specifications of the motor use a fan with inclined blades, and the air volume is reduced when it is reversed.

Cummins generator set


II. Corresponding processing method:

1. Pay attention to the meter, so that the load current and voltage do not exceed the rated value.


2. Regularly check the instruments and instrument transformers.


3. When the load power factor is too low, the generator should reduce its kVA output and use it within the range where the excitation current does not exceed the rated value.


4. Adjust the speed to the rated value.


5. Correctly install the top cover or clean the screen.


6. Find the short circuit and correct it.


7. Disassemble and blow thoroughly.


8. Check the fan and run it in the direction marked on the generator.


III. When the synchronous generator has bearing overheating, it is also caused by the following reasons:

1. Long-term use will cause excessive wear of the bearing.


2. The quality of the lubricating oil is not good, the greases of different grades are mixed, there are impurities in the lubricating oil, and the lubricating oil is too full.


3. The connection with the prime mover is not good.


4. When the belt is driven, the belt tension is too large.



1. Replace the bearing.


2. Clean the bearing and bearing cover, and replace the bearing grease. ZGN-3 grease for general motors. ZL-3 grease for warm motor, the quantity to be installed should be 1/2-2/3 of the bearing chamber capacity.


3. Strictly find straightness and alignment.


4. Properly adjust the belt tension.


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