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How to Deal with The Emergency Failure of Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 22, 2021

For a diesel engine with a diesel generator set without a runaway protection device, once a runaway situation occurs, severe overspeed will cause the connecting rod bolt to break, damage the cylinder head, body, piston and other parts, and even make the crankshaft balance weight and governor fly hammer major accidents such as falling off, broken flywheel, broken valve spring, etc. directly threaten personal safety.

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When the diesel engine of the diesel generator set is running, its speed is unstable or the speed is unstable, the idling speed cannot be reached or the phenomenon of runaway occurs. The so-called speed is that the speed of the diesel engine is out of control, and the speed greatly exceeds the specified maximum operating speed. This kind of failure will cause a major accident and bring great harm to the diesel engine. Modern diesel generator sets and diesel engines are usually equipped with automatic speed protection devices, which will automatically protect them in the event of speeding.

Judging the fault of the speeding car is mainly based on the change of the sound of the diesel generator set and the diesel engine. As the speed rises rapidly, the exhaust sound becomes a whistling sound. Once you hear this voice, you must immediately take decisive and effective measures to avoid greater losses. The emergency treatment of the speeding vehicle is to try to stop quickly. The method:

(1) Cut off the oil circuit quickly

Quickly pull the throttle to the parking position and turn off the oil circuit switch. However, most of the reasons for the occurrence of runaway are that the throttle has lost control of the oil pump plunger. Therefore, even if the throttle has been pulled to the parking position, there is still diesel in the low-pressure oil circuit, and the diesel engine cannot be stopped quickly. Unscrew the connecting nut of the high-pressure fuel pipe, so that the injector of the diesel generator set immediately stops fuel injection, and can stop quickly in most cases.


(2) Cut off the air passage quickly

If there is an explosion-proof diesel generator set diesel engine, the air intake passage can be quickly closed. For diesel engines without this device, clothes can be used to wrap the air filter or directly block the air inlet. As long as the intake passage is blocked, the diesel engine can generally be stopped quickly.

It should be particularly pointed out here that after the diesel generator set has a runaway accident, it is absolutely not allowed to unload the load, otherwise the speed will increase sharply and cause greater danger. After stopping, you should carefully analyze the cause of the speed, and eliminate the fault in time to ensure safe operation.

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