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How to Deal With Low Voltage of Diesel Generator

Aug. 19, 2018

Low voltage of diesel generator will affect the use of generator set, which is one of the common faults. This article will guide you to learn the factors that affect the voltage of generating set.

1. The unstable speed of the engine causes the unstable voltage of the generator set.

2. If the load on the generator set is too large, the voltage will be unstable.

3. The damage of the voltage regulator components of the generator causes the unit’s voltage instability.

4. The poor circulation of the fuel pipe of the genset causes the unstable speed of the engine, which causes voltage instability.

We recommend you to use the following methods to check and handle the low voltage fault of diesel generator sets.

Cummins generator

1. If the contact surface of generator brush is too small and the voltage caused by poor contact is too low, it is necessary to check whether it is caused by the commutator surface, if it is, at low speed, to polish the commutator surface with sand cloth, or to adjust the spring pressure.

 2. When the generator set is used, the voltage is too low. It may also be that the diesel engine speed is too low. In this case, you need to check the diesel engine speed. You only need to adjust the prime mover speed to the rated value.

3. During the process of using diesel generator set, the unit voltage is too low because the resistance of the excitation circuit is too large, and the resistance of the magnetic field rheostat is reduced to increase the excitation current. For semiconductor excitation generator, check if the additional winding connector is broken or connected incorrectly.

4, check whether the generator exciter brush is in the neutral line position. It is recommended to adjust the electric brush to the correct position, or to replace the brush to solve the problem of low voltage.

5. Check if there is a short circuit or ground fault in the stator winding or excitation winding of the generator set, and check the fault and clear faults in time.

6. Some rectifier diodes are broken down. It is necessary to deal with in time. Check and replace the broken diodes.

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