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How To Deal With Exhaust Noise Of Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 17, 2022

The noise pollution situation in China is relatively serious at this stage, which has already affected the normal life of the public, caused complaints and dissatisfaction from the citizens, and will also increase the property losses of enterprises, which is not conducive to building a harmonious society. At present, the detection level of environmental noise pollution in China is not enough to collect relevant diesel generator noise data timely and accurately, and cannot comprehensively and systematically reflect the phenomenon of environmental noise pollution. It is necessary to continuously enhance the noise detection level of diesel generator sets, increase the technical investment range of capital investment, strengthen the system management of noise pollution of diesel generator sets, reduce noise pollution, and build a more high-quality living environment for the masses.


The exhaust noise of diesel generator set is a kind of high temperature and high speed airflow noise. It is the part with large energy and many components in the engine noise and the main part of the total engine noise. Its fundamental frequency is the firing frequency of the engine.


The main components of exhaust noise are as follows: high pressure combustion noise of diesel oil in combustion chamber, low-frequency pulsation noise caused by periodic smoke exhaust, gas column resonance noise in smoke exhaust pipe, Helmholtz resonance noise of cylinder, noise generated when high-speed airflow passes through valve clearance and zigzag pipe, eddy current noise, regeneration noise generated by smoke exhaust system under the excitation of pressure wave in pipe, etc. With the increase of air velocity, the noise frequency increases significantly.


diesel generator set

The diesel engine exhaust still has high noise after being silenced by the exhaust pipe. The exhaust must be silenced through the silencing duct set outside the engine room to minimize noise. The exterior of the silencing duct is a brick wall structure, and the interior is a sound absorption plate.


The common mufflers matched with the intake and exhaust pipes of diesel generator set are: resistive mufflers suitable for medium and high frequency, resistant mufflers for medium and low frequency, micro perforated plate mufflers for low and medium frequency broadband noise elimination, and combined special mufflers. Reasonable treatment of noise from diesel generator sets will spread through exhaust, so reasonable treatment is also one of the methods for noise control of diesel generator sets.


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