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How To Correct The Bent Crankshaft Of Diesel Generator

Mar. 15, 2023

How to correct the bent crankshaft of diesel generator?


1. Cold pressure correction.

It is generally carried out on a press. During calibration, first place the crankshaft on the V-shaped block of the working plate of the press, and place a copper sheet or lead sheet between the pressure bar of the press and the crankshaft to avoid damaging the contact surface of the crankshaft and the pressure bar. The direction of the pressure action should be opposite to the bending direction of the crankshaft, and the pressure should be gradually increased in sections. The crankshaft will often have "elastic deformation" and "aftereffect" after correction, so the reverse bending amount during correction is generally larger than the bending amount. If the bending deformation of forged medium carbon steel crankshaft is about 0.10 mm, the bending degree of press calibration is about 3~4 mm, which can be corrected within 1~2 minutes. For spheroidal graphite cast iron crankshaft with the same bending, it can be basically corrected when it is about 10~15 times the original bending.


① When the bending degree of the crankshaft is large, it should be carried out several times to prevent the crankshaft from breaking due to excessive bending degree, especially the ductile iron.


② After correction, heat it to 180~220 ℃ and keep it for 6h to prevent elastic deformation and aftereffect.


During operation, put a dial indicator on the other side of the pressed journal to observe the reverse bending amount during correction. The corrected crankshaft allows slight reverse bending. For the crankshaft corrected by cold pressing, it should also be gently knocked at the crankshaft arm with a hammer before inspection to reduce the stress caused by cold pressing.


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2. Surface knock correction.

The crankshaft with small bending can be corrected by "surface tapping" method. According to the bending direction and degree of the crankshaft, use a ball hammer or air hammer to knock along the left and right sides of the crankshaft arm.


3. On-site calibration.

Put the cylinder block upside down on the working platform to make it flat and straight. Install the old bearing (bush) on the front and rear bearing blocks, and take the middle bearing. Fill the bearing with a little lubricating oil. Then put the crankshaft on the side of the cylinder block, install the dial indicator, turn the crankshaft slightly by hand, and measure the maximum bending position on the intermediate journal. Mark with chalk, pad the bearing cover with soft aluminum or other soft objects, block the journal, slowly tighten the crankshaft bearing cover bolts, wait for about 1h, loosen the bolts, and use a dial indicator to test whether it is correct. If the allowable standard is not met, continue to recalibrate until it meets the requirements.


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