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How To Clean The Lubrication System Of Diesel Generator Set Correctly

Nov. 16, 2022

The task of the lubricating system of the diesel generator set is to send clean lubricating oil with proper temperature to each surface at a certain pressure for lubrication, so that a certain oil film layer is formed between two friction surfaces to avoid dry friction, reduce friction resistance, reduce mechanical wear, reduce power consumption, and thus improve the reliability and durability of the diesel engine. After the diesel generator set has been used for a long time, the lubricating system will be corroded for various reasons. At this time, you must thoroughly clean these stains. Next, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd., the generator manufacturer, will teach you how to properly clean the lubricating system of the diesel generator set.


1. Alkaline water-based metal cleaner cycle cleaning,


Because of the dirt in the lubricating system of the diesel generator set, such as the tar condensate deposited on the inner wall of the oil passage in the high temperature parts such as the cylinder block, crankshaft and connecting rod. It is difficult to clean the steel lubrication system, so the pH of the cleaning agent solution is required to be 12.5~13 and the temperature is 70~90 ℃. During cleaning, soak the descaling parts in the detergent solution for 1~3h until the tar deposits become soft, connect the pipe joint of the cleaner, and start the pressure pump for circulating cleaning.


diesel generator set

2. Soak in gasoline for cleaning.


Disassemble the lubricating system of diesel generator set into oil tank, oil pump, filter, radiator, pipe, cylinder block, crankshaft, etc. The disassembled parts are immersed in gasoline for a certain time. Generally, soak at room temperature for more than 8h, so that some components in the condensate are dissolved in gasoline, and then brush them off with nylon brush or metal wire. The dirt in the pipe can be manually cleaned with a pipe cleaning brush or washed with gasoline.


The above two methods for cleaning the lubricating system of diesel generator set are arranged by Jiangsu Xingguang Company, the generator manufacturer, and I hope they can help you.


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