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How to Clean The Dirt of Cummins Diesel Generator Set Water Tank

Nov. 03, 2021

Do you know how to clean the dirt on the water tank of Cummins diesel generator set? During the use of Cummins diesel generator set, some scale will occur in the water tank. If there is too much scale in the water tank, debris will block the water tank and simply burn it incorrectly, which will lead to Cummins diesel power generation The overheating of the unit and the decrease of thermal conductivity directly affect the heat dissipation effect and reduce the service life of Cummins diesel generator sets. Therefore, we should remove these scales in time. Then how do these scales come from? The cooling system of Cummins diesel generator sets cools during use. Liquid will be lost to some extent, and water needs to be added to the cooling system in time.

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Some users do not add coolant or distilled water, but directly add hard water. As a result, the calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water are simply combined with the inorganic salts in the ordinary coolant to form scale. The silica fouling mainly comes from the silicate in the inorganic coolant. Metal fouling is mainly iron fouling and soldering tin fouling. The former is mainly composed of the protective film formed by the reaction of inorganic salt in the ordinary inorganic coolant and the iron metal on the cylinder body due to the loss of consumption, while the latter is composed of strong oxidizing inorganic salt corrosion inhibitors to intensify the solder "flowering" And constitute the loose sediment. Therefore, if the cooling system needs to add water, tap water cannot be added directly but coolant or distilled water is required.

There are two ways to clean up the scale after it occurs. One is to remove it with an acid-base cleaning agent. First, use 30 kg of water, 2.5 kg of caustic soda, and 0.6 kg of kerosene to make a cleaning solution and pour it into the water tank. Then start the Cummins diesel generator set, run at a medium speed for about 10 minutes, and then turn off. Wait for 10 to 12 hours before restarting the Cummins diesel generator set, turn it off at a medium speed for about 10 minutes, and release the cleaning fluid. After adding clean cooling water, start the Cummins diesel generator set and clean by itself when running at medium speed.

Repeat this 2 to 3 times to completely remove the scale. 2. It can be flushed with pressurized water to release the cooling water from the cooling water tank, remove the radiator inlet and outlet pipes, cylinder head outlet pipes, and thermostats, then reinstall the cylinder outlet pipes, and use clean water with a pressure not exceeding 3kgf/cm2 to flow out of the cylinder head. Fill the water pipe, flush the water jacket, and sweep away the fouling until the water flowing out of the pump is not dirty. Flush the water from the outlet pipe of the radiator to sweep away the fouling until the water inlet stops flowing out of non-fouling water.

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