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How To Check And Repair The Generator Base

Jun. 16, 2022

The generator base plays the role of supporting the stator core and fixing the motor, and the two end faces are also used to fix the end cover and the bearing.


The base of the motor is generally made of cast iron, and the common fault is cracks, which are mostly caused by casting defects or excessive vibration and knocking. There are two ways to repair cracks:


(1) Welding shall use cast iron electrode or copper electrode for repair welding. During repair welding, the workpiece needs to be heated to about 600 ℃, and then welded with a DC arc welding machine. After welding, put it into the holding furnace to gradually cool to eliminate the internal stress of the weldment and reduce deformation. Do not use cold water for cooling.


(2) The broken part separates the iron core shell of the motor very close or the feet on both sides are completely broken, and the winding will be damaged if heated. At this time, the angle iron can be repaired, the angle iron is made into the shape of the broken bottom corner, and it is fastened on the casing of the motor with the fastening bolt.


The motor end cover is also made of cast iron, and it will break when it receives external force. The fragmentation of the end cover will affect the concentricity of the stator and the rotor, so it must be replaced or repaired in time.


When the stop of the end cover and the casing are loose, the rotor will deviate from the center position, causing the rotor to rub against the stator.


When repairing, the end cover can be placed on the lathe to remove the worn lip, and a new lip can be turned, so that the end cover is retracted a certain distance. The bearing block of the rotor shaft must also be followed up accordingly, so that the bearing can be matched with the bearing hole of the end cover.


diesel generator set

The motor casing is also usually made of cast iron. Cracks occur in the casing, and the stator core will become loose in the casing. The cracks can still be repaired with cast iron electrodes. In order to ensure the precise concentricity of the shell and prevent the shell from being deformed after repairing, the cracks should be fastened in advance, and the cast iron shell should be heated to about 600 ℃ before welding.


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