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How to Check Cummins Engine Coolant

Aug. 23, 2017

Check Engine Coolant

Periodic tests of the engine coolant should be made to ensure that the frequency of water filter servicing or concentration of DCA inhibitor is adequate to control corrosion for any specific condition of operation. In cases where "make-up" water must be added frequently, we suggest that a supply of water be treated and added as necessary.

The concentration of effective inhibitor dissolved in the coolant can be measured by a Feetguard DCA Coolant Checking Kit Part No. CC2602 M or Cummins 3165449 which is available from ChongQing Cummins Distributors for this check. Fig.2-12.

DCA coolant test kit.jpg

Fig. 2-12. DCA coolant test kit

For the measure method see the instruction manual in the test Kit.

Bulk Storage of Make-Up Coolant

If make-up coolant is stored in bulk, the following recommendations are provided for mixing and storaging the coolant.

1. Drain and clean the bulk storage tank to remove any possible contaminants.

2. Knowing the total capacity of the holding tank, calculate the proportions of water and antifreeze, if used, required. For example, 1 500 gallon [1892 l] tank will hold 250 gallons [946 l] of water and 250 gallons ]946 l] of antifreeze for a 50-50 mixture.

3. Multiply the desired DCA concentration by the total capacity of the holding tank in gallons. In the example above, 1.5 oz. DCA per gallon [12 ml per l] of coolant can be used in the 50-50 mixture. Multiplying 1.5 oz. DCA per gallon [12 ml per l] times 500 gallons [1892 l] yields a total DCA requirement of 750 oz. [46 lb 14 oz.] [21.3 kg].

4. Add the water to the holding tank. Agitating continuously,, and the DCA to the water in small amounts until all of the chemical has dissolved. The water should be above 50°F [10°C].

5. Add the antifreeze last, if used, maintaining agitation to bring and keep the finished coolant in solution. Both antifreeze and DCA will settle to the bottom of the tank unless constant mixing or circulation is provided. An example of re-circulation is the use of a small pump operating continuously to draw DCA and antifreeze off the bottom of the tank and discharging the solution at the top. Samples of coolant can be drawn off the top, middle and bottom of the storage tank and tested for antifreeze and/or DCA concentration if inadequate mixing is suspected.

Cummins diesel generator.jpg

Change DCA Water Filter

Change the filter or element at each “B” Check; selection of element to be used should be based upon the size of the system. See “Coolant Specifications”, Sections  3.

Note: Whenever the coolant supply is changed the system must be drained, flushed, and precharged. See “Coolant Specifications”, Section 3 for DCA compatibility with different brands of antifreeze.

Spin-On Element

1. Close the shut-off valves on the inlet and drain lines.

2. Unscrew the element and discard.

3. Apply a light even coat of lubricating oil to the gasket seating surface prior to installing the filter.

Installing DCA water filter cartridge.jpg

Fig.2-13. Installing DCA water filter cartridge

4. Install a new element, tighten until the seal touches the filter head. Tighten an additional one-half to three-fourths turn. Fig.2-13. Open the shut-off valves.

Caution: Mechanical tightening will distort or crack the filter head.

Clean/Change Crankcase Breather

Mesh Element Breather

1. Remove the wing nut (6, fig. 2-14), flatwasher and rubber washer securing the cover(1), to the breather body.

2. Lift off the cover and lift out the breather element (2), vapor element (3), and gasket (4).

3. Clean all metal and rubber parts in an approved cleaning solvent. Dry thoroughly with compressed air.

4. Inspect the rubber gasket; replace it if necessary. Inspect the body and cover for cracks, dents or breaks; discard all unserviceable parts.

5. Install a cleaned or new breather element (2, fig, 2-14) and cleaned vapor element (3) to the breather body (5).

6. Install the rubber gasket (4) in the cover (1); position the cover assembly to the body (5).

7. Install the rubber washer, flatwasher and wing.

Crankcase breather.jpg

Fig. 2-14. Crankcase breather – mesh element with vapor barrier  


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