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How To Avoid Shortening The Life Of Diesel Generator Fuel Injection Nozzle

Apr. 14, 2023

Generally, when using diesel generator equipment, it is very important to maintain the fuel injection nozzle parts, because its price is relatively expensive, which is very important when using. If the fuel injection nozzle of diesel generator is not well maintained, its service life will be shortened. But in addition to maintenance, we should pay attention to many problems of fuel injector components during normal use. Diesel generator set injector assembly has high precision, low energy consumption and complex process principle. When using fuel injector accessories of diesel generator, it is necessary to understand the factors that affect the life of fuel injector accessories, so that Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. can timely take inspection, repair, maintenance and other measures to improve the service life of diesel generator.


Improper adjustment of fuel injection pressure When replacing the fuel injection nozzle or adjusting the fuel injection pressure, setting the fuel injection pressure too low or too high can shorten the lifespan of the fuel injection nozzle components. If the injection pressure is too low, it will cause the high-pressure gas in the cylinder to flow back, causing the needle valve coupling to become stuck; If the fuel injection pressure is too high, not only will the wear of the fuel injection nozzle components worsen, but it will also increase the wear of the plunger pair and outlet valve.


diesel generator

The generator manufacturer stipulates that the diesel generator set must use clean fuel that meets the requirements. If the low-quality fuel is used, its lubricating performance, sealing performance and viscosity cannot meet the use requirements, which will lead to insufficient pump oil pressure of the fuel injection pump, increased wear and carbon deposition in the fuel injection nozzle and other failures. In addition, incorrect practices such as untreated fuel, unclean refueling tools used, damaged fuel filtration devices, missing, mistakenly installed or damaged sealing rings, and removal of filter elements to ensure smooth fuel flow can all shorten the service life of fuel injection nozzle components.


Faced with the problem of clogging of the fuel injection nozzle of the generator set, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. suggests that users first put the stuck fuel injection nozzle into diesel or engine oil for heating, wrap it in a cloth when taking it out, clamp the needle valve with pliers, and gradually move it out of the needle valve body. Drop a small amount of sound into the needle valve body, allowing the needle valve to move repeatedly until it can move inside the needle valve body. If the needle valve has a burnt case on the sealing surface, it should be ground with grinding paste. Pay special attention to the amount and time of the grinding paste during grinding, install the cleaned bell valve coupling into the fuel injector, and then adjust the injection pressure.


The above is the reason that Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. analyzed for you that the fuel injection nozzle of the diesel generator set is stuck. I hope it is useful to you.


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