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How To Adjust The Diesel Generator Governor To The Best State

Jul. 04, 2022

According to different working principles, diesel generator governors can be divided into mechanical governors and electronic governors. The function of the governor is to automatically adjust the amount of oil provided within the range of the rotational speed ratio during the operation of the diesel engine along with the change of the external load of the diesel engine, and to keep the rotational speed ratio of the diesel engine basically stable. How to adjust the best state of diesel generator governor is the knowledge that maintenance personnel should master.


Adjust the quick start point so that the level of the fuel injection pump is close to the rated speed from low to high, so that the fuel injection pump control arm can achieve a larger oil position provided, and then gradually increase the speed of the fuel injection pump, paying attention to the position of the adjustment rod. The speed at which the supplied oil adjusts the rack is the rate at which the support force is quickly run when the supplied oil is low. To ensure that the required rating rate is achieved, the standard value must not be exceeded. Generally, try to adjust the speed of the quick start point to be 10r/min higher than the rated speed (that is, the speed ratio of the engine camshaft).


The adjustment method is to change the preload of the speed-adjusting torsion spring and adjust the low-speed starting point. Run the test equipment at the high rpm speed, run the fuel injection pump at the high rpm speed, and then gradually flip the control arm. When the fuel injection pump gradually provides oil, fix the control arm, slowly increase the speed of the fuel injection pump, and observe the change of the position of the provided oil control rod. When the supplied oil control lever is gradually moved to the position where the supplied oil is reduced, that is, the speed ratio of the low speed starting point cannot exceed the standard value of the high speed speed.


Adjust the torsion spring for high speed and smoothness. The governor flywheel of the diesel generator set has a small centripetal force and cannot immediately push the larger supplied oil volume of the supplied oil control lever. Generally speaking, the speed stabilized power supply can calibrate the provided oil rod to 0.5mm. If the screw does not meet the requirements, it can be adjusted according to the preload of the high-speed torsion spring.


diesel generator

Calibration of all load screws. Releasing the pressure full load limit screw allows the fuel injection pump to move slowly at a steady rate and then at the control arm. When the supplied oil adjustment lever reaches the maximum travel arrangement, stop turning the control arm and turn the full load limit screw.


Termination adjustment provided with the oil limiting screw. After the gear shift configuration is adjusted, the fuel injection pump operation is terminated. At this time, the provided oil adjustment gear rod will move to a certain distance from the irrigation part. Next, flip the control arm so that all supplied oil control levers terminate the supplied oil, flip the hand to terminate the supplied oil limiting screw, touch the radiator fan baffle on the control arm, and then secure the nut.


The above is the knowledge about adjusting the diesel generator governor organized by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to inquire at any time.


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