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How Often Should The Fan Belt Of Shangchai Generator Set Be Replaced

Oct. 25, 2022

Users of diesel generators know that the high temperature of the cooling water of Shangchai generator set is usually caused by the unclean surface of the radiator of the cooling water tank, insufficient coolant or water pump failure. However, there is another situation that we should pay attention to, that is, the importance of the belt of the cooling fan of the Shangchai generator set. If the toughness and tension of the fan belt are not enough, the speed of the fan will be affected. If the speed of the fan decreases, the cooling capacity will be affected. Therefore, the user must remember to maintain the fan belt regularly. The generator manufacturer recommends that the maintenance cycle of the fan belt of Shangchai generator set be once every 100 hours of operation.


As for how often the fan belt of Shangchai generator set should be replaced, Jiangsu Xingguang Company reminds everyone that the belt of the cooling fan will gradually age and lose its elasticity after the diesel generator set is used for a long time, or a belt will break, causing the cooling fan to lose its normal blowing capacity. At this time, the user needs to replace the belt of the cooling fan again.


Shangchai generator set

Note that when replacing the fan belt of Shangchai diesel generator set, not only one of them can be replaced, but the whole set of belts should be replaced together, because the elasticity of the new and old belts is very different, the cooling fan of Shangchai diesel generator set is subject to large centrifugal force and air shear force during operation, and the large elasticity difference between a group of belts is not easy to drive the cooling fan to run, and the fan blades are easy to lose balance. However, the matching between the cooling fan of Shangchai generator set and the protective steel and cooling water tank is fine. The change of balance may cause the fan to collide and damage the equipment.


Another situation is that the belt pulley bearing of the cooling fan is worn and sagging, which causes belt relaxation and affects the blowing capacity. However, this phenomenon is rare in standby diesel engines, and can be avoided as long as the cooling fan pulley bearing is sufficiently lubricated during normal maintenance.


There is no specific time limit for how often the fan belt of Shangchai generator set should be replaced. As long as the belt is seriously worn or broken, it should be replaced in time to ensure the safe and normal operation of the unit.


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