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How Is The Shape Of The Noise Proof Box Of The Diesel Generator Set Designed

Dec. 12, 2022

Jiangsu Starlight Power Reading Guide: The design of the sound proof box structure mainly considers that it can accommodate all accessories (including diesel engine, generator, starting battery, circuit breaker, control system and noise reduction components), the space required for noise reduction, sufficient air inlet and exhaust passage area, meet the rated power output, and operate safely and reliably, while facilitating operation, maintenance, loading and unloading, transportation, installation, dust prevention, rain and snow prevention, assembly, etc. Strive to achieve various technical indicators and functions with the smallest volume and lower manufacturing and transportation costs. Now let's follow Jiangsu Starlight Power to see how the shape of the diesel generator sound proof box is designed.


The sound proof box is usually designed as a regular cuboid. This scheme is applicable to indoor and outdoor use environment, and has strong adaptability, mobility and good manufacturing process.


In order to save space and shorten the length, it is sometimes used to cut the two lower ends into bevel angles and use them as the air inlet and outlet, but the point is that it is easy to inhale or blow the dust on the ground, and it is difficult to lead the hot air to the outside when it is installed in the machine room.


(1) The design of the overall dimensions of the sound proof box.

Length ≥ total length of diesel engine+water tank+generator assembly+length of noise reduction air inlet chamber+length of noise reduction air exhaust chamber+thickness of sound absorption assembly.


Width ≥ thickness of diesel engine+water tank+sound absorption component.


Height ≥ diesel engine+water tank+damping component+exhaust pipe component+water tank water inlet space+sound absorption component thickness.


Based on the structural characteristics of low noise diesel generator set, which is usually slender, the length of the dark box shall be controlled preferentially on the premise of meeting the service conditions, and the control system, switches, batteries, wiring and other components shall be set in other spaces as much as possible.


For some models that are too long and thin, the box can be widened appropriately to make the moving and running more stable, and the appearance is more harmonious and beautiful.


When determining the height of the box, attention should be paid to the space for water tank filling operation and water level observation. If necessary, the water inlet can be set at the top outside the box. The supercharger and exhaust pipe and other high heating components (the maximum temperature can reach 600 ° C) of some models may be closer to the edge. When determining the overall dimensions of the box, it is necessary to fully consider that the box wall should be kept at a sufficient distance from it, so as to avoid the generation of high-temperature sound absorbing materials or box plates when the machine runs for a long time. In addition, the swing of some components is large during the startup and shutdown of the unit, and the box wall should also be kept at a sufficient distance to avoid bruises and knocking noises.


diesel engine

(2) The design of the door and the access door for the sound box gymnastics.

The operating door is usually mounted at the end or both sides of the generator end (air inlet side), in an area where the operating ambient temperature is relatively low. The operation door is generally equipped with a toughened glass observation window, which is convenient for viewing various parameters of the unit at any time, and also has the function of sound insulation.


The design of the access door shall fully consider the convenience and possibility of meeting various needs for maintenance or operation. General daily maintenance and repair items, such as replacement of three filters, frequency and voltage adjustment, should be easy to operate. For maintenance and overhaul items with a long cycle, such as battery replacement and water tank cleaning, it should also be convenient. If necessary, the corresponding operation can be carried out by simply disassembling individual panels.


(3) The sound proof box is designed to prevent dust, rain and snow.

When the unit is installed outdoors, the cabinet design shall fully consider the needs of dust prevention and rain and snow prevention. The air inlet and outlet are generally of shutter structure. For areas with serious environmental dust pollution, air spring fully sealed windows or shutters can be used, and only the sealed windows can be opened during operation. At this time, the sealed window also has the function of canopy, but this structure is difficult to withstand the full automatic unit. The electric shutter structure is adopted, which can prevent rain and snow and effectively prevent dust when the machine is shut down for standby. At the same time, it can meet the requirements of automatic startup and is conducive to moisture-proof and improving the starting speed of low-temperature heating. However, the structure is complex and the cost is high.


Rain eaves are added on the upper edge of the box to avoid or make less rain fall on the box surface. Rubber gaskets are added at each door to prevent rainwater from seeping into the box and noise caused by vibration. A drain hole is arranged at the bottom of the box to prevent rainwater from accumulating.


(4) Manufacturing process design of anti noise box.

The sound proof box shall be designed with good manufacturing process during processing and assembly, so as to improve production efficiency and reduce costs. The box shall be rigid enough to be safe, reliable and not easy to deform during hoisting and transportation.


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