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How Does A Diesel Engine Muffler Work

Jun. 01, 2022

The working principle of diesel engine mufflers is to use porous sound-absorbing materials to reduce noise. The sound-absorbing material is fixed on the inner wall of the airflow channel or arranged in the pipeline according to a certain way, which constitutes a resistive muffler. When the sound wave enters the resistive muffler, a part of the sound energy is rubbed in the pores of the porous material and converted into heat energy and dissipated, so that the sound wave passing through the muffler is weakened.


Mufflers can be divided into three types: resistive mufflers, resistive mufflers and impedance composite mufflers according to their working principles.


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1. Resistive muffler.

The resistive muffler mainly uses sound-absorbing material to reduce noise, and the sound-absorbing material is fixed on the inner wall of the air flow pipe or arranged in the pipe in a certain way. When the sound wave enters the muffler, most of the sound energy is absorbed, which plays a role in muffler.


2. Resistant silencer.

The simplest expansion chamber type is to connect a thick tube with a larger section to the airflow channel tube, but the end is a thin tube. Adjust the cross-sectional buckle length of the expansion chamber (large tube) to change the reflection and interference properties of sound waves, thereby changing the amount of silencing and the maximum silencing frequency.


3. Impedance composite muffler.

The impedance composite muffler is made by combining the first two advantages. It has both resistive sound-absorbing materials and resistive filter elements such as resonant cavity and expansion chamber in its interior, so it has a good noise reduction effect in a wide frequency range.


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