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Generator Repair and Bearing Maintenance

Jun. 08, 2023

The maintenance of bearings in a generator is more important because the lifespan of the bearings is directly related to working conditions and environment. Excessive vibration of the generator or poor alignment of the unit can cause the bearings to receive lateral forces, thereby reducing the lifespan of the bearings. Long term storage in a vibrating environment can cause the generator to be forced to vibrate, resulting in the Brinell effect.

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Even if the steel ball deforms and produces dents on the raceway, leading to premature damage, very humid climates or environments can emulsify the lubricating grease, which can lead to decay and premature bearing damage.

Usually, generators need to be able to continuously withstand linear vibrations with an amplitude of 0.28mm between 5-8HZ and vibrations with a speed of 9.0mm/s between 8-200HZ. This amplitude or speed can be measured on any shell or frame of the generator, and this limit is the highest frequency amplitude of various complex vibration transitions.

The service life of sealed bearings is approximately 30000 hours, and bearings that can be lubricated will last for 40000 hours. This value is based on correct maintenance and can use the specified type of grease in all bearings. It is necessary to re pay for well maintained bearings. When operating in a good environment, if the above period is exceeded in a timely manner, they can operate normally. This allows for better operating time for the bearings in the generator, and based on the above information, better maintenance of the bearings can be carried out to obtain more operating time.

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