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Generator Excitation Enhancement System And Permanent Magnet Generator

Jun. 09, 2022

Generator Excitation Enhancement System consists of the same basic components that provide input to and receive output from the AVR. Additional components in this system include: Excitation Enhanced Control (EBC) module and Excitation Boost Generator (EBG).


The EBG is installed at the drive end of the alternator. Physical appearance is the same as permanent magnets. As the generator shaft rotates, the EBG supplies power to the controller.


The EBC control module is connected in parallel to the AVR and the exciter. The EBC receives the signal from the AVR. When needed, the controller provides different levels of excitation current to the exciter according to the needs of the system.


Additional power to the excitation system supports load requirements. This allows the generator to start and restore the field voltage.


This excitation system is not recommended for continuous power applications. It is used for emergency or backup power applications. When the generator starts, the EBS system disengages until operating speed is reached. The EBG is still generating power, but the controller is not sending it.


The system allows dynamic response, is low cost, and meets the requirement to provide 300% short-circuit current. Non-linear loads such as motor starting are improved compared to shunt or self-excited methods.



Generators equipped with permanent magnets are one of the best known separately excited methods. Permanent magnets are mounted on the driven end of the generator shaft.


As the generator shaft rotates, the PMG provides isolated power to the AVR. The AVR utilizes the extra power when supplying a non-linear load, sush as the start of a motor.


As the generator shaft turns, a clean, isolated, uninterrupted three-phase waveform is produced.


Some of the benefits of using a generator equipped with the PMG excitation method are:

The excitation field does not collapse, allowing a persistent short circuit fault to be cleared.


Changing the load does not affect the excitation field.


The voltage is developed at the initial start-up independent of the residual magnetic field in the magnetic field.


During motor startup, the field field does not collapse due to lack of AVR power.


The PMG system adds weight and size to the generator end. This is the most common method of excitation for applications that use starting and stopping motors and other non-linear loads.


Generator auxiliary winding:

Generator-assisted winding has been used for many years. Uses range from marine to industrial applications and are more practical in larger installations.


This method has a separate field, but it does not use components connected to the drive end of the generator shaft. These methods use shaft rotation and permanent magnets or generators to provide additional excitation.


Additional single-phase windings are installed in the stator. As the generator shaft rotates, the stator main winding supplies voltage to the AVR, as in all of the above methods.


An additional single-phase winding supplies voltage to the AVR. This creates the additional excitation voltage required to power non-linear loads.


For linear load applications, shunt, EBS, PMG and AUX excitation methods are available. Parallel excitation is the most cost-effective method.


For nonlinear load applications, EBS, PMG and AUX excitation methods can be used. PMG incentives are the most common and widely used.


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