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Four Stroke Gasoline Engine Cooling System Working Durability

Sep. 15, 2022

There are many types of gasoline engines in the gasoline engine group, and they are all composed of some mechanisms and systems. These mechanisms and systems are interconnected and coordinated with each other to accomplish the task of converting thermal energy into mechanical energy. Today, we focus on the working durability principle of the cooling system in the four-stroke gasoline engine.

gasoline generator

When the gasoline engine is working, due to the action of high-temperature gas, the cylinder, valve, piston and other parts will be strongly heated. If it is not cooled in time, it will inevitably cause damage to the parts and cannot work. In order to keep the gasoline engine at a suitable temperature during operation. Gasoline engines are equipped with cooling systems. The task of the cooling system is to conduct the heat absorbed by the high-temperature parts in time to maintain its normal operating temperature. According to the different cooling medium, the cooling system mainly has two types: water-cooled and air-cooled.

The water cooling system is generally composed of water tank, water pipe, water jacket, water pump, fan and water temperature gauge. The water pump pumps the cooling water stored in the water tank into the water jacket (around the cylinder) through the lower water pipe, the cold water absorbs the heat of the cylinder and becomes hot water, and then flows back to the water tank through the upper water pipe, and the hot water flows from the water tank to the lower part. During the process, the cold air blown by the fan turns it into cold water again, so that the water jacket can be refilled to absorb heat.

Air-cooled gasoline engines have no water jackets around the cylinders, just many fins. The fan and flywheel are cast together, and as the flywheel turns, the pulsating air flows to the outer surface of the cylinder. In order to concentrate the wind, a wind guide cover is installed outside the heat sink. Therefore, the air-cooled cooling system has only three parts: a flywheel with a fan, an air hood and a heat sink. Although the structure is simple, it has excellent durability.

The vast majority of gasoline engines in the gasoline engine group use an air-cooled system. It can keep the gasoline engine working at the most suitable temperature to obtain good economy, power and durability.

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