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Five Signs That Volvo Diesel Generators Are Overloaded

Aug. 05, 2022

Volvo diesel generator set has the characteristics of stable operation, low noise, low exhaust emission, economical and environmental protection, low fuel consumption and low operating cost. It is these characteristics that determine the wide use of Volvo diesel generators in many industries, but after a long time of use, the generator will inevitably have some failures. Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. reminds you that these signs indicate that the Volvo diesel generator has been overloaded, and the user should adjust it in time.


1. Reduced power output.

One of the most common symptoms of an overloaded generator is a significantly reduced power output from a portable diesel generator. When your generator is overloaded, it won't run optimally.


Each generator has a wattage limit. You need to pay attention to the limit of the generator, as powering too many appliances beyond this power limit can cause overloading. When this happens, your generator will perform poorly and your output will be reduced.


If your generator has some lights connected, you will be able to notice a reduction in power by looking at the lights connected. When your generator is overloaded, you will notice the lights flicker or change in intensity.


2. The generator overheats.

Another obvious sign of an overloaded generator is when it starts to overheat. In order for a diesel generator to operate efficiently, it needs to be placed outside, away from any structure, with proper ventilation.


When your generator starts to overheat, despite being placed in an area that meets the above criteria, it is an indication that your generator is overloaded. Typically, overheating occurs in portable generators that are not equipped with circuit breakers. When your generator overheats, it's important to shut it down and let it cool.


the generator

3. There is soot in the exhaust of the generator.

Finally, another sign of an overheating generator is soot residue on the generator exhaust. Of course, portable generators emit carbon monoxide and may have a black appearance. However, soot should not be left behind.


If you notice soot lingering in the generator exhaust, it may indicate that the generator is overloaded or has other underlying problems. Always turn off the generator's exhaust before checking it. Remember, carbon monoxide is toxic and potentially deadly!


4. There is smoke coming out of the vent of the generator.

As we mentioned before, generators need proper ventilation to work. This is why the generator will have vents installed. If you notice smoke coming out of your generator's vents, or worse, sparks coming from the inside, your generator is overloaded.


Typically, this is more common in generators that are not equipped with circuit breakers. When you notice smoke or sparks coming from your generator's vents, it's a sign that your generator has overheated for a long time due to overloading.


5. The cooling fan stops rotating or the sound becomes louder

To help ventilate the generator, a cooling fan will be installed. This cooling fan is designed to keep your fan running optimally, but only if you adhere to the generator's maximum power limit.


If you notice the generator's cooling fan stops spinning completely or suddenly gets louder, the generator is overloaded. Under these conditions, the longer the generator continues to run, the sound will change. To prevent damage, the generator should be shut down immediately.


Diesel generator set failure is unavoidable. Generally, different fault phenomena will occur for different faulty generator sets. When the above phenomena are found, users should be more vigilant.


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