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Five Major Maintenance Steps For 100KW Supercharger Of Diesel Generator Set

Apr. 04, 2023

The 100KW turbocharger of the generator set uses the inertia impulse of the exhaust gas discharged by the engine to drive the turbine in the turbine chamber. No matter how good the materials used in the turbocharger are, it is inevitable that the poor working conditions such as deformation and wear will be latent during the operation process. If it is not handled in time, it will be very detrimental to the stability of the diesel generator set. Nowadays, many engines have gradually become popular with turbochargers. After the renovation of the generator set with a capacity of 100KW, the turbocharger will be inspected. So, how to check if the turbocharger is being repaired? What are the maintenance requirements for turbochargers? Hurry up and learn.


How to detect the working status of the 100KW booster of a generator set?

1. Start the diesel engine and operate it at idle and medium speed. Observe the operation of the turbocharger, and ensure that it runs evenly without metal impact or friction sound, surge or strong vibration.


2. After the diesel engine is idling and turned off, the sound of the turbocharger running evenly should be heard.


If the detection results do not match the above two points, the turbocharger should be removed for maintenance.


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Maintenance requirements for turbochargers:

1. Disassembly requirements for turbochargers. Due to the fact that both the turbine and compressor impeller are precision components, matching position marks should be made between the rotor shaft, turbine, and compressor impeller before disassembly. When disassembling, gently tap the periphery of the compressor casing with a copper rod or plastic hammer, and do not touch it to avoid affecting the performance after repair.


2. Cleaning and inspection of turbocharger components. When cleaning parts, clean them with clean gasoline or non alkaline cleaner and a soft brush, and blow dry with compressed air. Then perform the following checks:


(1) Inspect the casing of the turbine for cracks caused by overheating, seizing, deformation, or other damage.


(2) Inspect the turbine and compressor impellers for bending, burrs, damage, corrosion, or contact marks on the back.


(3) Check for deposits and blockages on the turbine oil hole.


(4) Check whether the inlet and return pipes are blocked, compressed, deformed, or otherwise damaged.


(5) Check the vacuum hose of the pressure limiting valve for aging and cracking.


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