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Fault Detection Process of Asynchronous Generator

May. 17, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the problems related to the introduction of the fault inspection process of asynchronous generators.

Listen to the sound and look for the fault point carefully. During the operation of the AC induction generator, if a fine humming sound is found, it is a normal sound without the change of high and low; on the contrary, if the sound is thick, and there is a sharp humming and hissing sound, there is a fault. The following reasons should be considered: the loose iron core, the vibration of the generator during operation, and the fluctuation of temperature, which will deform the iron core fixing bolts, cause the silicon steel sheet to loosen, and generate large electromagnetic noise.

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Rotor noise The sound of the rotor rotating, produced by the cooling fan, is a kind of whine, with a thumping sound like a drum beat, which is when the generator suddenly starts, stops, reverse braking, etc. , the acceleration torque makes the rotor iron core and the shaft loose, the light ones can continue to be used, and the heavy ones can be disassembled for inspection and repair. Bearing noise During the operation of the generator, you must pay attention to the culture of the bearing sound. Touch one end of the screwdriver on the bearing cap and the other end on the ear. You can hear the sound changes inside the generator, different parts, different faults, There are different sounds. For example, the creaking sound is caused by the irregular movement of the roller gun in the bearing, which is related to the clearance of the bearing and the state of the grease. The hissing sound is the sound of metal friction. It is generally caused by the lack of oil in the bearing. The bearing should be disassembled and greased.

Using bromine sense, it is analyzed that the faulty generator has no peculiar smell in normal operation; if it smells strange, it is a fault signal: such as burnt smell, it is emitted by the barbecue of the insulation, and with the increase of the temperature of the generator, serious It will also emit smoke when it is dry; such as the smell of oil coke, it is mostly due to the lack of oil in the bearing, and the peculiar smell of oil and gas evaporation when it is close to the dry grinding state.

Use the feel to check for malfunctions. You can roughly judge the temperature rise by touching the casing of the TV with your hand. If you feel very hot when you touch the casing of the generator with your hand, and the temperature value is very high, you should check the reasons, such as overloading, high voltage, etc., and then troubleshoot the cause.

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