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Factors To Be Considered In Estimating The Capacity Of Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 25, 2022

The estimation of the capacity of diesel generator set is a very important and complex problem. The capacity is too small to carry all loads or causes sudden shutdown when starting high-power loads. Excessive capacity, high investment and maintenance costs, resulting in economic waste. Moreover, according to the characteristics of diesel engine, if it works under small load for a long time, it will lead to serious carbon deposition on piston rings and fuel injection nozzles, increased cylinder wear and other adverse consequences of damaging the unit. Therefore, many factors need to be considered in capacity estimation, including usage environment, load type and reserved margin.


(1) Use environment.

Different working conditions will affect the output power of the unit. The working environment mainly includes ambient temperature, altitude and relative humidity. When the ambient temperature and altitude are too high, the air density will decrease, and the oxygen supply required for combustion will decrease when the unit is running. The output power of the unit shall be reduced accordingly. In other words, the selected unit power is higher than the absolute value of the load power. The rated power of the diesel generator set is measured during full load operation under standard conditions. That is, the intake air temperature is 27 ℃, the altitude is 152.4m, and the relative humidity is 60%. When the standard is exceeded, the rated power will be discounted. See this chapter for detailed discount calculation method.


It is worth noting that the electronic fuel injection control technology is adopted for the electronic diesel engine. Through the accurate measurement of the intake pressure and fuel temperature of the intake manifold by the electronic control unit installed on the generator, the injection timing and injection quantity of each injector are controlled, so that the unit has a small power drop in non-standard environments.


diesel engine

(2) The type of load.

Different types of loads have different requirements on the capacity of the generator set. The load types are generally divided into linear loads such as resistive and inductive loads and nonlinear loads containing rectifier circuits (also called rectifier loads). Resistive loads such as bulbs, electric stoves, ovens, etc., and inductive loads such as air conditioners, machine tools, water pumps, etc. Non linear load such as UPS, electronic computer, program-controlled switch, PLC equipment, etc. When resistive load is charged, the capacity of generator set only needs to be slightly greater than the load power. However, when the inductive load and nonlinear load are charged, the capacity needs to be recalculated.


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