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Excessive Pressure Rise Rate Causes Cummins Diesel Generator Set to Knock

Oct. 22, 2021

Cummins diesel generator set knocks will cause its engine to experience a decrease in power, increase in fuel consumption, and increase in noise. This will not only affect the normal operation of the unit, but also reduce the service life of the unit to a certain extent. In this article, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will tell you in detail the causes of Cummins diesel generator set knocking due to excessive pressure rise rate.

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Cummins diesel generator set diesel engine knock is actually the excessive pressure rise rate during the combustion process. The reasons for this phenomenon include excessive flame retardation, excessive rail pressure and advance angle, etc., which cause the maximum explosion pressure of the engine to rise. The mechanical load on the cylinder block and cylinder head increases, and the piston and connecting rod are more impacted by gas combustion, which may cause the connecting rod, piston ring, and cylinder head bolt to break.

First check the combustion of fuel and oil (the carbon residue in the exhaust gas). If you are not sure of the cause, first check the compression pressure. If it is too low, check whether the valve clearance and cylinder head are deformed. If the diesel engine is normally disassembled, there will be deformation, wake up and adjust . How to compress the pressure is normal, check the timing of the injection pump, and adjust if there is a problem. If it is normal, check whether the fuel quality is to use the specified materials.

First of all, when designing a Cummins diesel generator room to reduce noise, the ventilation volume of the engine room should be considered. The ventilation volume is calculated based on the amount of air required for engine combustion and the amount of ventilation required for the Cummins diesel generator set to dissipate heat. The sum of the ventilation volume is the ventilation volume of the computer room. This is a variable value, which varies with the temperature rise of the room at random. When considering noise reduction in the computer room, the ventilation volume of the computer room should be strictly in accordance with the standard, that is, the temperature rise of the computer room is controlled within 5°C, and the ventilation volume required by the unit is large.

Second, according to the ventilation volume and the minimum air flow rate of the air inlet and exhaust muffler in the computer room, the cross-sectional area of the air inlet and exhaust vents can be calculated, and the air inlet and exhaust vents designed according to this can meet the heat dissipation requirements of the computer room under normal circumstances. Of course, this is a relatively high standard, and the price is high. It requires professional noise reduction manufacturers to design and construct, which can meet the ideal noise reduction effect and sufficient heat dissipation conditions at the same time.

Third, the noise reduction and heat dissipation of the computer room are also related to the user's requirements. Users can have different emphasis on noise reduction and heat dissipation according to changes in the ambient temperature. For example, in winter, the effect of noise reduction can be appropriately pursued; in the hot summer, in order to meet the sufficient heat dissipation of the computer room, some concessions in noise reduction can be made.

Especially in the scorching summer, ensuring good ventilation and heat dissipation in the engine room is the key. You can start from now to prepare for the Cummins diesel generator set in a quiet and safe operating environment, to ensure the best performance of the set, and to add to the safe operation. A guarantee.

As a professional diesel generator manufacturer, we always insist on using first-class talents to build a first-class enterprise, create first-class products, create first-class services, and strive to build a first-class domestic enterprise. If you would like to get more information welcome to contact us via sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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