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Engine Related Technologies Of Diesel Generator Set (I)

Nov. 28, 2022

(1) The engine must be suitable for use and meet the following conditions: national standard light diesel oil as fuel, water-cooled/air-cooled, four stroke, direct injection, natural or pressure air supply. Alarm when the temperature of engine cooling water is higher than 95 ℃, and stop when it is higher than 98 ℃. The rated power of the engine must meet the requirements of the national standard for continuous operation and match with the rated power of the generator for continuous operation. Its overload capacity must be specified in the bidding documents.


(2) Fuel system. The engine shall be equipped with a complete set of fuel storage and distribution system. The fuel injection system shall be equipped with primary and secondary oil filters, and its components shall be replaceable. A positive displacement oil pump driven by the engine, and the above devices are installed on the engine. The main oil storage tank and daily oil tank shall meet relevant requirements.


The requirements for the main oil storage tank are as follows:

① The capacity of the main Chongqing storage tank shall not be less than the fuel required for 8h full load operation.


② The oil storage tank shall be made of steel plate with a thickness of no less than 6mm, and shall be provided with sufficient and stable support to prevent deformation of relevant equipment during installation or use.


③ Manholes shall be provided for oil storage tanks. All joints shall be welded. A metal disc of appropriate size must be set directly below the oil level measuring pipe to prevent the oil level measuring rod from being damaged due to the impact on the bottom of the oil cylinder. The metal disc must also be made of steel plate with a thickness of not less than 6mm.


④ The oil inlet of the oil storage tank shall be equipped with a capacity indicator and a warning device for excessive oil level. All gauges, indicators and wiring must be equipment and materials approved by the local fire department.


⑤ The oil level measuring pipe must be less than 40mm from the bottom of the oil tank, and the oil suction pipe must be connected to 75mm from the bottom of the oil tank.


⑥ The wiring with the fuel oil system shall be mineral insulated fire-resistant cables, and all electrical accessories shall be explosion-proof equipment.


⑦ The oil storage tank must be properly grounded to eliminate the generated static electricity.


⑧ The periphery of the oil storage tank is covered with salt free sand, and the oil storage tank must be installed in the direction of the oil drain.


the generator

Requirements for daily oil tank are as follows:

① A fuel tank of at least 1 m3 must be provided. The oil tank must be equipped with a low oil level switch and a 20% and 50% two-stage oil level warning signal.


② The oil tank shall be manufactured in accordance with the requirements of national standards, and shall be made of high-quality steel plate with a thickness of no less than 4mm. The end shall be in disc shape and flange shape, all of which shall be welded.


③ The oil tank must be equipped with a cover plate, an oil level gauge, a sealing cap of the oil charging pipe, a fire extinguisher, a vent cap, a drip pan, a slag discharge pipe, an oil level switch, an overflow pipe, an oil inlet, an oil storage meter, etc. The fuel storage meter must be disc shaped, with appropriate dimensions to clearly mark the fuel storage volume, such as empty position, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full position. The calibration of the fuel gauge must be demonstrated on site.


④ A mesh filter with no more than 120 meshes (120 meshes per square inch) must be installed at the oil outlet.


⑤ If the static pressure of the oil tank is insufficient for the selected engine, the auxiliary electric fuel transfer pump and its auxiliary pipeline and relevant power supply must be provided to transfer oil from the main oil tank to the engine. All electrical devices of the oil pump, including switchgear, motor starters and cable terminals, must be explosion-proof.


⑥ The oil tank and engine oil supply pipe must be equipped with a manually operated "close" valve with a pull wire for shutdown outside the machine room in case of an accident.


⑦ The oil supply and return pipelines must be 50mm away from the surface where the temperature exceeds 200 ℃. If the soft oil pipe is supplied, the selected material must be resistant to high temperature of 250 ℃.


⑧ The oil tank must be equipped with a semi rotary hand oil transfer pump with an oil inlet hose, valve, tee and cock of sufficient length.


(3) Speed regulation system: mechanical speed regulation, electronic speed regulation or high-pressure common rail. The engine speed shall not exceed 11650r/min when the rated engine speed is 1500r/min). The normal rotation direction must be counterclockwise. A mechanical overspeed trip mechanism must be installed to cut off the fuel supply when the overspeed is 10%.


(4) The filtering system includes air filter, fuel filter and oil filter. The air filter is equipped with a resistance indicator to guide maintenance and replacement; The air filter must also include an automatic alarm device, which can automatically alarm when the filter is blocked. Fuel system can be equipped with oil-water separator. The lubricating system and closed pressure supply lubricating system must be equipped with positive displacement mechanical lubricating oil pump, lubricating oil cooler, filter and oil level indicator.


(5) Radiator. The Bidder shall select the air cooled generator set or water cooled generator set that meets the requirements according to the bidding documents and the actual situation of the project. All units have relevant requirements.


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