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Electronic Control Common Rail System of Volvo Diesel Generator

Oct. 13, 2022

The main components of the electronic control common rail system of Volvo diesel generator are composed of high-pressure fuel pump, high-pressure fuel rail, high-pressure fuel pipe, high-pressure fuel pipe connecting pipe, electronic fuel injector, low-pressure fuel pipe, diesel filter, fuel tank, etc. The structure and principle of the electronic control common rail system of Volvo diesel generator are described in detail below by Starlight Power Generation Equipment.

Volvo diesel generator

1. Electronic control high-pressure oil pump of Volvo diesel generator

High pressure oil pump of common rail system. The high-pressure oil pump has two high-pressure plunger pumps, the flywheel end is the oil pump, and the front end is the oil pump. It is driven by two cams (each with 3 flanges) to supply fuel required by cylinder 6 to the high-pressure fuel rail on time.

The hand pump is used to exhaust the air in the fuel injection system. The fuel transfer pump is located on the left side of the high-pressure fuel pump and is integrated with the high-pressure fuel pump to provide fuel at a certain pressure of the high-pressure fuel pump. The two yellow valve bodies on the upper part of the oil pump are pressure control valves (PCV), which respectively control the oil supply quantity and time of the two pumps. Each of the two solenoid valves corresponds to a harness plug. The flywheel end is the valve (PCV1), and the front end is the valve (PCV2). Its function is to adjust the fuel pressure in the common rail pipe by adjusting the amount of fuel that the fuel pump presses into the common rail pipe.

Camshaft position sensor (G sensor) is used to judge the arrival time of TDC of the first cylinder compression of diesel engine (land generator set driven type) as the reference signal of fuel injection. A camshaft position sensor and two corresponding signal panels are integrated inside the high-pressure oil pump, and the plug of camshaft position sensor is located in the middle of the front of the oil pump.

(1) When the plunger moves downward, the pressure control valve opens, and the low-pressure fuel flows into the plunger chamber through the control valve.

(2) When the plunger goes up, because the control valve is not energized and is open, the low-pressure fuel flows back to the low-pressure chamber through the control valve.

(3) When the timing of fuel delivery is reached, the control valve is energized to close, the return circuit is cut off, the fuel in the plunger chamber is compressed, and the fuel enters the high-pressure fuel rail through the outlet valve. Use the different closing time of the control valve to control the amount of fuel entering the high-pressure fuel rail, so as to control the pressure of the high-pressure fuel rail.

(4) After the cam has passed the maximum lift, the plunger enters the descending stroke, the pressure in the plunger chamber decreases, the oil outlet valve is closed, and the oil supply is stopped. At this time, the control valve stops supplying power, and is in the open state. The low-pressure fuel enters the plunger chamber, and enters the next cycle.

2. High pressure common rail pipe assembly of Volvo diesel generator

The high-pressure common rail pipe supplies the high-pressure fuel provided by the fuel supply pump to the fuel injectors of each cylinder after being stabilized and filtered, and acts as a pressure accumulator. Its volume shall reduce the supply pressure fluctuation of the high-pressure fuel pump and the pressure oscillation caused by the injection process of each injector, so as to control the pressure fluctuation in the high-pressure fuel rail below 5MPa. The role of rail pressure limit valve is: when the common rail pressure exceeds the maximum pressure that the common rail pipe can withstand, the rail pressure limit valve will automatically open, reducing the common rail pressure to about 30MPa.

There are six flow limiting valves (the same number of cylinders) on the upper part of the common rail pipe, which are respectively connected to the high-pressure oil pipes of the six cylinders. When the fuel injection site of a cylinder exceeds the limit value due to leakage of the high-pressure fuel pipe or injector failure, the flow limiting valve will act to cut off the fuel supply of the cylinder. There are 1~2 oil inlets on the outside of the common rail, which are respectively connected with the oil outlet of the high-pressure oil pump. The rail pressure sensor is located on the right side of the common rail, with a harness plug.

There are 8 high-pressure fuel pipes with common rail system, 2 of which are from high-pressure fuel pump to high-pressure fuel rail, and 6 of which are from high-pressure fuel rail to each cylinder injector.

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