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Effects Of Voltage Instability Of 200kw Yuchai Diesel Generator Set

Apr. 26, 2023

With the rapid development of social economy, 200kw Yuchai diesel generator set is increasingly used in various industries as a backup emergency power supply. In the process of using diesel generator set, there will always be one or another fault problem, one of which is the unstable voltage. The voltage instability of 200kw Yuchai diesel generator set is easy to reduce the stability of unit operation, so users must learn the corresponding solutions.


Unstable voltage includes high or low hand voltage. Different conditions will have different effects on the unit. When the voltage is high, the 200kw Yuchai diesel generator set will have the following conditions:


1. It is possible to increase the temperature of the rotor winding beyond the allowable value.


2. The temperature of the stator core increases.


3. The structural components of the stator may experience localized high temperatures.


4. Threat to stator winding insulation.


When the voltage is too low, it will reduce the stability of the unit operation. One is the stability of parallel operation, and the other is the stability of generator voltage regulation. At the same time, the stator winding temperature may increase. To solve the problem of voltage instability of 200kw Yuchai diesel generator set, the user can operate according to the following methods:


200kw Yuchai diesel generator set

1. The wire connection is loose. Check and repair the connection parts of 200kw Yuchai diesel generator set.


2. The voltage current selector switch of the control panel is broken. Replace the switch of the diesel generator set.


3. The control screen voltage adjustment resistor is broken, replace the voltage adjustment resistor.


4. The voltmeter is broken. It shows that the voltage is unstable. Replace it with a new voltmeter.


5. If the voltage regulator is faulty or not adjusted, carefully check if the voltage regulator is faulty or not properly adjusted. Replace or adjust as soon as possible.


6. Maybe the vibration of the diesel generator set is too large during operation. Check the speed to see if the shock pad of the generator set is damaged or the unit is unbalanced.


7. Perhaps the unstable speed of the engine is causing voltage instability, so adjust or replace the fuel system components of the diesel engine to ensure stable speed.


If the 200kw Yuchai diesel generator set is expected to maintain a stable performance, the unit should try to avoid failure. When any problem occurs, troubleshooting and maintenance should be carried out in a timely manner, which is conducive to the normal operation of the unit and can also extend the service life of the unit.


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