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Different Classifications of Diesel Generator Exhaust Emissions

Jun. 17, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the difference between the second and third countries of diesel generator exhaust emissions.

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Nowadays, the problem of environmental protection is becoming more and more serious. If the exhaust gas of diesel generators is not purified, it will seriously pollute the surrounding environment of the place of use, and the harmful substances in the exhaust gas will seriously affect people's health. The National VI standard for automobiles was also implemented immediately, and diesel generators in the power generation industry have also been upgraded to National III emissions.

At present, diesel generators use high-pressure common rail and EGR technology (EGR is the abbreviation of the three words Exhaust Gas Recirculation in English, which means exhaust gas recirculation system. It is set for nitrogen oxide NOx, one of the harmful gases in engine exhaust. exhaust purification device). The high-pressure common rail engine with national III emission is more expensive than the EGR engine with national III emission. Taking Yuchai engine as an example, the price of a Yuchai generator of National III standard is about tens of thousands of yuan higher than the price of National II standard.

With the repeated introduction of national environmental protection policies, non-road diesel generators have also been upgraded from National II emission to National III emission. Significant improvements in engine technology have resulted in lower engine emissions and lower fuel consumption. Some emission standards such as Volvo generator sets and Yuchai generator sets have reached the National III standard, but Ricardo and Perkins have not yet achieved these. It is necessary to popularize the exhaust emission treatment method of diesel generators. Its contents are as follows:

Wet water treatment is a relatively simple method. The exhaust gas is filtered directly with water, which is basically ineffective. For dry black smoke treatment, a feasible purification device is selected according to the emission amount, but it only serves to remove black smoke. Effect; dry removal of harmful substances, filtering out harmful substances such as CO, HC, NOx, SO2 in the exhaust gas, so as to meet the national emission standards; the harmful substances in the exhaust gas of diesel generators are very harmful to the environment and human body. , for the health of the human body and to further improve the environmental quality around the plant, it is a very important task to control the exhaust gas of diesel generators.

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