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Differences Use in Different Types Diesel Generators

Aug. 05, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the differences in the use of different types diesel generators.

diesel generator set

Since its invention, diesel generators have been applied to various production and life occasions, providing users with great convenience. At present, diesel generators can be classified into closed cooling cycle diesel generators and diesel generators. There are two types of open cooling cycle diesel generators. They have different characteristics, so there are still some differences in the use process.

The closed cooling cycle diesel generator is mainly composed of a diesel engine, an AC synchronous generator, a control panel and ancillary devices consisting of a common chassis, a radiator, and a cooling fan. The structure of the open-type cooling cycle diesel generator is basically the same as that of the above-mentioned closed-type unit. The main difference is that the open-type unit does not have a radiator and a cooling fan device, so the unit itself cannot complete the cooling cycle process independently, and the user must use it when using it. Set up the cooling water radiator by yourself to meet the cooling water required for the diesel engine to work. Open cooling cycle is generally used in high-power diesel generators, such as: Jichai diesel generators (630KW-2200KW).

The closed cooling cycle diesel generator is fixed on the same common chassis by the diesel engine and the generator. The power output end of the diesel engine and the generator rotor are directly connected together through the elastic sleeve pin coupling, and the diesel engine drives the generator to work. A radiator and a cooling fan are installed at the free end of the diesel engine. The cooling fan is connected with the free end of the crankshaft through the fan transmission device, and the fan is driven by the diesel engine to perform forced cooling of the cooling water. The radiator is connected with the internal cooling system of the diesel engine through the water inlet and outlet pipes to form an independent closed cycle cooling system to provide the cooling water required for the diesel engine to work. Users do not need to set up a cooling water cooling device.

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