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Difference Between Electronic Governor And Mechanical Governor

Oct. 12, 2022

According to different working principles, the governor of diesel generator set can be divided into mechanical governor, electronic governor and electronic injection governor. Its function is to automatically adjust the fuel supply with the change of the external load of the diesel engine within the diesel operating speed range, so as to keep the diesel speed basically stable. The generator manufacturer of this article focuses on introducing the main differences between the electronic governor and the mechanical governor of the diesel generator set.


The main difference between electronic governor and mechanical governor of diesel generator set is that the force of centrifugal flying block and speed regulating spring is replaced by current and voltage. The existing electronic speed control systems all use permanent magnet single column electromagnetic induction speed sensor (MPS). The sensor is installed next to the crankshaft gear of the engine, and there is only a very small air gap between the sensor contact and the gear tip.


When the teeth on the gear pass through the contact of the sensor, the magnetic field of the speed sensor is disturbed, so the AC voltage pulse signal relative to the engine speed is generated in the sensor. The AC voltage signal is transmitted to the on-board computer control system (ECM), and the control system automatically adjusts the fuel injection quantity and the optimal fuel injection time according to the preset value.


diesel generator set

The number of voltage pulses is equal to the number of gear teeth multiplied by the engine speed. When the number of gear teeth is fixed, the electromagnetic pulses generated in unit time at different speeds are different.


The above is the main difference between the electronic governor and the mechanical governor of the diesel generator set arranged by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. for you. If you don't understand anything, please call us at any time.


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