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Diesel Shelf Life Exceeds Your Imagination

Apr. 28, 2023

Commercial diesel generator have long been widely used. Its function is to convert mechanical energy extracted from diesel into kinetic energy. In the long run, those who consider it a commercial generator equipment can benefit from various benefits. How should the generator set store diesel for a long time?


How long can diesel be stored? The shelf life exceeds your imagination


Because the storage time of any energy source is related to climate conditions. The most important thing is to let the raw materials cool and dry. Diesel fuel can also be stored under ideal conditions for 6-12 months. In order to extend the lifespan of the product to over 12 months, even in the best environment, viscosity enhancers and fungicides should be used. If diesel is maintained below 21 ℃, 12 months is the longest reasonable storage prediction analysis, replacing ethanol or microbial diesel with diesel.


Diesel is the material used in compression ignition engines. Diesel fuel has a water white, light yellow, or dark coffee colored appearance. Diesel is divided into general diesel and automotive diesel. The diesel sold at general refueling stations includes vehicle diesel or general diesel.


The 96C diesel engine uses ultra heavy diesel fuel. This type of nature undoubtedly adds cheap natural costs and lightning fast speed to the 96C car engine, but also brings a huge drawback, which is severe environmental pollution!


diesel generator

Generally speaking, regions with abundant resources of medium to heavy crude oil and poor production and processing standards of refineries are generally the main import and export destinations for diesel and light fuel oil. For example, in the Middle East and Russia, countries with light crude oil and strong production and processing capabilities must import light fuel oil as a supplement to their quality, and high value-added products such as diesel are also sold to regions such as South America.


In the long run, the biggest advantage of good maintenance of fuel tanks is to prevent diesel from being contaminated by water sources. Clearly, maintaining the structural integrity of the fuel tank is crucial. Experts point out that minimizing the water content in the storage tank will affect the accumulation of diesel condensate. The minimum indoor space depends on the storage tank structure and remaining oil.


It mainly depends on the resolution of diesel stored on the ground or on the ground. Strictly speaking, if the underground storage tank exceeds 10%, effective measures should be taken for machinery and equipment to prevent leakage and address potential erosion problems that may occur over time. Maintain the stability of diesel storage. If other methods are used, relatively stable fungicides and diesel raw materials can avoid the storage difficulties of most raw materials. Stability solutions can prevent diesel from being contaminated by external factors.


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