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Diesel Generator Sets Inspection Workflow Before Shipment

Jun. 17, 2022

The application of diesel generator sets in our lives is not uncommon, and we must choose carefully when purchasing diesel generator sets. For manufacturers, the following parts must be inspected before leaving the factory, so that the produced equipment can meet the national regulations, and it is more convenient for people to use.

diesel power generator

1. First of all, whether the size of the parts of the engine and the distance between them conform to the specified parameters of the assembly drawings, and ensure that the size parameters meet the regulations.

2. Check whether there are defects such as pores, depressions, contamination, cracks and other defects on the surface of various parts of the diesel generator set, and whether the color and brightness of the surface paint of the diesel generator set meet the specified requirements. Whether the rotation of each part of the diesel generator set is flexible.

3. Check whether the various parts of the diesel generator set are tightly connected without gaps, and whether the connection is firm. Check whether the circuit installation conforms to the circuit diagram, whether the wiring of each lead wire is neat and firm, whether the rotating parts are flexible, and whether there are obvious signs that the line connections are not easy to fall off. Whether the product identification plate of the diesel generator set is firmly fixed.

4. Check whether the product identification plate of the diesel generator set is firmly fixed, whether the position is correct, and whether the parameters on the identification plate are correct and clearly marked. If a diesel generator set that fails to pass the inspection is encountered during the inspection, the specific unqualified items shall be indicated on the inspection record to facilitate maintenance.

Diesel generator sets require a series of complex processes from production and assembly to delivery. After each process is completed, relevant quality performance inspections are required. The last inspection procedure before the diesel generator sets leaves the factory is the appearance inspection, and the appearance inspection must be taken seriously. If the appearance of the diesel generator set is defective, the customer can easily see it. Although the appearance defect is insignificant compared to the internal fault of the diesel generator set, the appearance is an impression to the outside world. If the appearance of the diesel generator set is flawed , even if the internal parts are of good quality, few people buy them.

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