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Diesel Generator Set Refrigerant Non Circulation System

Nov. 20, 2023

When using diesel generator sets in daily life, it can also cause the refrigerant to not circulate in the system, and sometimes the cause cannot be found. In this article, Dingbo Power Generation Equipment will briefly introduce relevant matters for everyone.

diesel generator maintenance

The centrifugal water pump of a diesel generator set causes common faults. We need to first check whether the function of the centrifugal water pump is normal. If we find that the shaft sleeve of the centrifugal water pump transmission system is damaged beyond the deadline, it indicates that the centrifugal water pump is no longer functioning and must be replaced before all normal circulation systems can operate.

The refrigerant level of the diesel generator set is too low or does not meet the requirements. If the liquid level is too low, it is very likely to immediately cause the temperature of the freezing liquid to rise, causing the freezing liquid to not circulate in the system. The freezing liquid should be treated with 50% freezing liquid, 50% softened water, and DCA4 according to regulations. If it does not meet the requirements, it may cause pipeline blockage, wall thickness, and rust, making it impossible for the freezing liquid to circulate normally in the system.

A common malfunction occurs in the water temperature sensor of a diesel generator set. The combustion chamber of a car engine is equipped with a water temperature sensor, which depends on the temperature of the combustion chamber of the car engine. The water temperature sensor must be fully opened at the required temperature, which is beneficial for the small circulation system. Without a water temperature sensor, the refrigerant cannot maintain the temperature of the circulation system, which may cause an ultra-low temperature alarm.

There is gas in the refrigeration system of the diesel generator set, which causes the pipeline to be not smooth. The suction valve on the water tank and the automatic exhaust valve are damaged, which immediately endangers the circulation system. At this time, it is necessary to frequently check whether their working pressure values meet the requirements. The breathing working pressure is 10KPA, and the exhaust pipe working pressure is 40KPA. In addition, whether the exhaust pipe is generally a key reason for endangering the circulation system.

The heat pipe radiator of the diesel generating set is blocked or damaged, the fan is malfunctioning or the radiator is blocked, which prevents the temperature of the refrigerant from dropping. The radiator is repaired, leading to liquid leakage and poor circulation system.

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