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Diesel Generator Set Oil Filter Adopts Centrifugal Filter Element

Jun. 23, 2022

Centrifugal oil filter element is a kind of high-efficiency filter element commonly used in diesel generator sets of power generation equipment. Through high-speed rotation, the sundries in the oil generate centrifugal force flow in the motor rotor, and the quality of the oil flowing out from the inner cavity of the motor rotor is obtained. Correspondingly, the oil can be filtered.


After the centrifugal oil filter has been in operation for a period of time, maintenance should be carried out to eliminate the accumulation in the inner cavity of the motor rotor, usually within the range of 1500-2000km to clean the motor rotor. When cleaning the centrifugal oil filter element, first unscrew the nut, remove the sealing ring, tap the outer cover and sealing ring lightly with a plastic hammer, remove the outer cover and sealing ring, and remove the torsion spring and other components. Use bamboo strips or plastic plates to scrape off the accumulations in the inner cavity of the motor rotor cover, use gasoline or diesel engine to clean the motor rotor cover, drainage cover and rotor body, and use copper wire with a diameter of 1.8mm or less to remove the oil stains in the nozzle hole. It is not allowed to use just wire.


The centrifugal oil filter has stable characteristics. It does not need to replace the filter. It only needs to disassemble and assemble the motor rotor on time to remove the stains accumulated on the inner wall of the motor rotor for re-application. Its durability is warmly welcomed by customers. The structural feature of the centrifugal oil filter is that a motor rotor is sleeved on a shaft, and there are two nozzles spraying in opposite directions. The basic working principle is that when the oil enters the motor rotor and exits the nozzle, the motor rotor rotates rapidly to clean the motor. The oil in the rotor body and the sundries in the oil are centrifugally thrown into the inner cavity of the motor rotor, and the oil from the nozzle is discharged back to the engine oil pan.


diesel generator set

Unscrew the screw plug, remove the gasket, the angle stop valve, clean the liquid inlet and the main oil passage in the rotor shaft. Generally, it is not necessary to remove the motor rotor. After cleaning the main oil passages, assemble them in the order of assembly, and use 150~200kpa air compression to open the working pressure measurement. The working pressure can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the thickness of the adjusting gasket. When assembling the rotor parts of the motor, be sure to pay attention to the fact that the identification of the rotor cover and rotor body of the motor should be accurate, otherwise it will directly affect the running balance of the stator. After the motor rotor parts are assembled on the stator shaft, the sealing ring is tightly closed.


At this time, the radial clearance of the rotor part of the motor should be 0.4-0.8mm, and the rotation is flexible. When assembling the rear cover, it is important to maintain the exact position of the sealing ring and finally tighten the nut. When the liquid inlet working pressure is 294kpa, the operation experiment should be carried out after the motor rotor is installed. The motor rotor speed ratio should not be lower than 550r/min. At this time, the total driving flow should not exceed 8l/min, and the opening pressure of the pressure limiting valve should be 147-195kpa. After inspection: After the diesel engine is out of fire, the running sound of the motor rotor rotating continuously for 2-3 minutes should be heard. If the rotating sound is not heard, it should be checked immediately.


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