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Diesel Generator Safety Operating Procedures Control

Jun. 15, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the content of the management and control of diesel generator safety operation procedures.

generator maintenance

The staff responsible for the maintenance of diesel generators must carefully read the "Diesel Generator Safe Operation and Maintenance Manual" (instruction manual) provided by the manufacturer, and carry out maintenance work according to relevant technical requirements. Must have a safety production certificate issued by the labor safety management department, must receive safety technical education, be familiar with and abide by the operating procedures of diesel generators, and conduct regular assessments of operating procedures for diesel generators.

The staff of diesel generator equipment should keep abreast of the situation of diesel generators at any time. When using diesel generators, they must pay attention to its regular maintenance, otherwise it will easily shorten the life of diesel generators. Different diesel generators Depending on the season, the focus of maintenance is different. Daily maintenance: The maintenance work that needs to be carried out before and after each shift is as follows: clean the dust, oil, etc. of each part of the machine, and check whether there is any leakage at the connection of each part and deal with it in time. Electric-start diesel generators should check the terminal voltage, specific gravity and liquid level of the battery. Check whether there is oil and water seepage in the cooling system and whether the coolant is sufficient.

Check the oil level in the crankcase. If it is insufficient, add oil to the oil dipstick as required. If it is found that the oil level suddenly rises and increases, you should pay attention to check whether there is water leakage into the oil bottom tank, remove the leakage in time and deal with it in time. Check the fuel level in the fuel tank and fill it up in time if it is insufficient. Check the correctness and stability of each accessory device. Only in this way can the diesel generator be put into operation at any time when the power is cut off.

It can be seen from the above that the technicians who manage diesel generator equipment must have basic electrical knowledge. It is of course better if they are familiar with diesel generator knowledge. Most of the diesel generators that are operated in strict accordance with the diesel generator operating procedures will not occur. For example, when the diesel generator is not working, technicians can maintain and inspect the diesel generator according to the professional knowledge. Once found, it should be solved in time. Even if it can't be solved, you can accurately feedback the after-sales service with the diesel generator manufacturer.

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