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Diesel Generator Crankcase Ventilation Aids Combustion And Reduces Pollution

Jun. 23, 2022

When the diesel generator is working, the various vapors entering the crankcase ventilation are separated according to the air inlet and filtered by the filter screen, and finally the clean gas is discharged. When the diesel generator is working, there will always be a part of the flammable mixture and the flue gas entering the crankcase for ventilation according to the engine piston, and the diesel vapor entering the crankcase ventilation will probably degrade the oil characteristics. The exhaust gas is rich in water vapor and sulfur dioxide, and the water vapor condenses in the oil to produce foam, which destroys the oil supply, especially in winter.


Sulfur dioxide creates sulfurous acid in water, and O2 in the air creates hydrochloric acid. This acid not only changes the oil quality, but also erodes parts. Because flammable mixtures and industrial exhaust gas enter the crankcase for ventilation, the burden on the crankcase will increase and the oil will seal from the engine crankshaft oil. Crankcase ventilation gasket and other water leakage damage. Oil vapors lost in the air increase the environmental pollution of diesel engines to the air. Diesel engines equipped with crankcase ventilation equipment can prevent or reduce the above conditions. The functions of diesel engine crankcase ventilation equipment are: 1. Avoid oil quality changes. 2. Avoid engine crankshaft oil tightness. Avoid air pollution from various oily vapor environments.


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The exhaust gases extracted from the shaft ends can be directed into the air immediately. This type of ventilation is called ventilation. This kind of natural ventilation method is relatively simple in structure and convenient to use, but the flammable mixed substances and oil vapors introduced into the air are very easy to pollute the air, so they are rarely used in diesel engines. A suction gas in crankcase ventilation, the suction device is a filter system that can absorb harmful substances and avoid environmental pollution. When the diesel generator is working, various vapors entering the crankcase ventilation enter the breathing surface according to the air inlet of the respirator, and are filtered according to the filter screen. Because there are two filters, the smoke and dust are very little discharged, which not only ensures the balanced burden in the crankcase ventilation, but also avoids the environmental damage caused by the gas in the crankcase ventilation.


The gas sucked into the crankcase ventilation by the diesel generator intake system is selected, which is called forced natural ventilation. This kind of natural ventilation structure is a bit complicated, but it can recycle flammable mixed substances and industrial waste gas into the crankcase for ventilation, which not only helps to improve the rationality of diesel engines, but also reduces the environmental pollution of the engine. It is widely used in contemporary diesel engines. The common crankcase ventilation and forced exhaust equipment for diesel engines is generally an oil and gas separator equipment. The oil and gas separation is connected in the pipeline connecting the crankcase ventilation and the air intake, and the oil extracted from the crankcase ventilation is separated.


The crankcase ventilation is sucked into the combustion chamber of the engine to participate in the ignition, reducing the environmental pollution of the flue gas. In the pipeline connecting the crankcase ventilation and air intake, not only the throttle valve but also the oil and gas separation is connected, which greatly reduces the fuel consumption. It ensures the reliability of oil lubrication of diesel generators under various working conditions.


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