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Detailed Use Of Mobile Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 14, 2022

Jiangsu Starlight Power Guide: Mobile diesel generator set can be divided into trailer power station and vehicle power station according to whether it has power or not. Mobile diesel generator sets are widely used in oil fields, geological exploration, field engineering construction exploration, camping and picnicking, mobile command posts, trains, ships, freight container power cars (warehouses), military mobile weapons and equipment power supplies and other mobile work units. It can also be used as the emergency power supply for urban emergency power supply vehicles, engineering emergency vehicles and repair vehicles of water supply and gas supply departments. Now let's take a look at the detailed use of the mobile diesel generator set.


1. Self provided power supply: The so-called self provided power supply is the power supply for self use. When the generating power is not too large, the mobile diesel generator set often becomes the first choice for self provided power supply. In the absence of power grid supply, islands far away from the mainland, remote pastoral areas, rural areas, military camps, workstations and radar stations on desert plateau need to be equipped with self-contained power supply.


2. Standby power supply: It is mainly used for the stable and reliable network power supply of some power users. In order to prevent circuit failure or temporary power failure, it is necessary to configure standby power supply for emergency use. Generally, power users have high requirements for power supply guarantee, and power failure is not allowed. They must use their own power supply to supply power at the moment when the power supply is terminated. Such units include hospitals, mines, power plant security power supply, and factories using electric heating equipment. In recent years, network power supply has become a new strength in the demand for backup power supply, such as telecom operators, banks, airports, command centers, databases, highways, senior hotels, office buildings and senior restaurants and entertainment places. Due to the use of network management, these units are increasingly becoming the main users of backup power supply.


mobile diesel generator set

3. Alternative power supply: The role of the alternative power supply is to make up for the shortage of network power supply. In the case of insufficient network power supply, the network power use is limited, and the power supply department pulls the switch to limit power. At this time, the power user needs to substitute power to supply power for normal production and work.


4. Fire fighting power supply: The fire fighting generator set is mainly the power supply for building fire fighting equipment. In case of fire, the mains power is cut off, and the mobile generator set becomes the power source of fire fighting equipment.


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