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Detailed Maintenance of Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 12, 2023

We can only carry out maintenance operations on the generator after it stops operating. Before maintenance, it is not only necessary to disconnect the starting circuit of the prime mover and the connection of the battery, but also the closed circuit between the power grid and other generators to ensure the normal and safe operation of the diesel generator set.

diesel generator maintenance

1. Quarterly inspection: During the quarterly inspection, the generator set needs to be at a load of over 70% to operate for one hour to burn out the mixture of diesel and oil in the cylinder.

2. Daily inspection: During the daily inspection, it is necessary to check the external parts of the generator set and the battery for any leakage or liquid leakage. Check and record the voltage value of the battery and the temperature of the cylinder liner water. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the heater for the cylinder liner water, the charger for the battery, and the dehumidifier heater are operating normally.

3. The generator monitoring and control system for the pan geoelectric generator room is composed of three parts: front-end equipment, user/server APP, and PC large screen terminal. Users can log in to the user app/PC and view the running status and related parameters of the generator in real-time. They can also visually monitor the running status and related data of the generator on the large screen of the mobile phone. When an abnormality occurs, it can synchronously receive alarm information and respond quickly to troubleshoot.

4. Annual inspection is an important part of the maintenance cycle of the standby diesel generator set. It requires not only quarterly and monthly inspection, but also more maintenance items.

5. Monthly inspection, which involves switching between the generator set and the mains, as well as conducting in-depth inspections during the start-up and load testing of the generator set.

The service life and power of diesel generator set are not only seasonal maintenance, but also critical for daily maintenance of diesel generator set. Only by starting from the details can the diesel generator set be better used.

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