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Damage And Failure Modes Of Shangchai Diesel Generator

Mar. 28, 2023

Shangchai diesel generator set, as a well-known domestic brand generator in China, has been developing more and more vigorously in recent years, with a growing market share. Shangchai diesel generator set, as an important power guarantee equipment, is applied to all walks of life. As we know, with the continuous increase in the service life of diesel generator sets, the service life of their components is limited. When the diesel generator set experiences wear, deformation, fatigue fracture, and corrosion, it indicates that it has been damaged and failed, and the user should promptly handle and replace it. Below, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. briefly introduces these different forms of damage and failure to you.


1、 Wear.

Wear refers to the phenomenon of gradual loss of material from a surface resulting in surface damage when the surfaces of objects contact each other and move in relative motion. Generally, wear is divided into four categories according to its surface damage mechanism and characteristics: abrasive wear, adhesive wear, surface fatigue wear, and corrosion wear. Due to the different properties of the medium, the action state of the medium on the friction surface, and the performance of the friction material, the state of the friction surface is also different. Therefore, corrosion wear can be divided into oxidation wear, special medium corrosion wear, and fretting corrosion wear.


2、 Deformation.

During the use of Shangchai diesel generator, due to the action of force, the size or shape of the parts changes, which is called deformation of the parts. The deformation of the components of Shangchai diesel generator set, especially the basic components such as the cylinder block and cylinder head, will seriously affect the performance of the corresponding assembly and the service life of the set. Studying the mechanism and influencing factors of part deformation is of great significance for preventing part deformation and repairing deformed parts.


The deformation of parts includes elastic deformation and plastic deformation. Elastic deformation refers to the deformation of a metal that can fully recover after removing external forces. The elastic deformation is very small, generally not exceeding 0.1% to 1.0% of the original length of the material. Plastic deformation refers to the deformation of a material that cannot be restored after the removal of external forces.

Shangchai diesel generator set


3、 Fatigue fracture.

Fatigue fracture refers to the fracture phenomenon of a part that occurs after repeated stress or energy load cycles. About 60% to 80% of the fractures of parts during use belong to fatigue fractures. Its characteristic is that the stress at fracture is lower than the tensile strength or yield pole of the material. The fatigue fracture of both brittle and plastic materials is a brittle fracture without significant plastic deformation on the macro level. The fracture of gear teeth and crankshaft in diesel engines is often the result of fatigue fracture.


4、 Corrosion.

Corrosion refers to the failure of metal parts caused by the action of surrounding media. Corrosion includes chemical corrosion, cavitation corrosion, and electrochemical corrosion. In diesel engines, the main manifestations of corrosion are chemical corrosion and cavitation.


The above is an introduction to the four common forms of damage to parts of Shangchai diesel generator sets. No matter what kind of damage the parts are subjected to, once they lose their due function, the user should promptly handle and replace them with new parts to avoid further failure and damage to the unit.


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